“The Longing in Me” Review

One of my favorite authors and teachers is Sheila Walsh. She is one who follows after God’s heart, even bringing “the stuff” life has handed her. “The Longing in Me” is absolutely no exception.

About Sheila

Sheila is a woman who loves Jesus, teaches well, and pours her heart out in her writings.

About the Book

There are three key aspects to this book.

Wrestling with the Past

Sheila uses this book, as a way to share her past. As she wrestles with hers, we can experience the freedom to consider our own. We can begin to take out those painful memories, and allow the healing process to begin.

The Human Longings

This book is all about the longings we experience, as human beings. While our longings may look differently, we all experience them. The question becomes, “how do we respond to them?” In order to change the course we are on, we must understand the longings. This book helps us to understand them.

The Bible Study

As we consider these two things, we are reminded of God’s Word. There is a particular man in Scripture who experienced deep longings and a past. King David experienced successes and failures. Yet, he is still known as a “man after God’s heart”. The longings left their imprint on his actions, yet he had a yearning spirit for God alone. Like David, we learn as we grow and seek God.

My Reaction

To be honest, I have been blown away by this book. She has vulnerably shared her past and testimony, which brings healing and truth to many.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this study, until I had it in my hands. It’s helped me, as I face my own past and intensely felt longings. I am learning God can bring freedom, as we begin to process these things. She offers up a “me too” attitude. I am actually not alone in my longings. Many others face the same way I do, which is a blessing to know.

In Closing

We each long to be chosen, protected, in control, and have longed for God alone. In her book, Walsh shows us how to connect our longings to God’s Word. As we study the life of David and his testimony, we are able to see the freedom and grace God has in store for us.

To learn more about Walsh and her book, click here. This particular book has a DVD and study guide companion, which makes it a wonderful choice for any small group. I have chosen to step out in faith, purchase the study, and am excited to have my small group join me on this journey. (Please Note: As an Amazon Affiliate, I am given a small earning when you use the above links to make any purchase.)

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