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Diving In {{Week 2//Announcement}}

This week, we conquered the beginning of our Bible study. We are covering Isaiah 40, over the next three weeks. This past week, we devoted ourselves to intentionally studying Isaiah 40:1-8. To those who are going through this Bible study with me, I want to tell you something.

Congratulations! It may not seem like it now (or maybe it does), but these are the moments that count. These are the moments, where you are being intentional about your time and relationship with God.

Recap: Our Isaiah study has a journal and schedule available for all to use, for free. The journal isn’t found only on Amazon, because it is a shorter study. I want to invite you all to join us, as we slowly work our way, through this special chapter of God’s Word.

This study has much to teach us about God, His character, and His love for humanity. It is the perfect way to spiritually prepare ourselves, for our next study – “Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus”.

In our Sept-Nov study, we will be studying Jesus’ temptations and the greatest sermon we could ever hear (Matthew 4-7). For more info, please see the end of this post. You won’t want to miss it, as I have included the official start date for our new study.

The Schedule (Week 2)

Isaiah 40:9-10
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♥ Isaiah 40:11 ♥

Isaiah 40:12
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Isaiah 40:13-14

Isaiah 40:15-17
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The Weekend
Review//Go Deeper

You can find all of our posts, regarding this study, at a wonderful little place called “Experiencing the Beauty”. It is a special home, to keep all our Isaiah 40 posts tucked nicely together. If you ever miss a day’s post and wonder where you can possibly find it, that is where you will want to go.

Our Announcement

Friends, I encourage you to consider joining our next study. It kicks off Sunday, September 11! We finally have our start date. Aren’t you excited?!? I know, I am. This study is going to be an amazing time of worship and drawing near to Jesus. This study will last nine weeks. So, it is a bit longer than the standard Bible study reading plan you might find on most blogs. But, it is an in-depth look at Matthew 4-7. We will take bite-size looks at this set of Scriptures. It will be the same exact format as Isaiah 40, Ephesians, and most of our other recent studies.

It is still a very do-able study, for anyone regardless of what your daily life might look like. Your life might be crazy, but you can still carve out 20-30 minutes a day to plunge into a deeper Bible study. I am so excited for our study. I hope you are too!

Visit this link to check out the journal for Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus! Please note: As an Amazon Affiliate, my blog is given a small earning when you use this link for any purchase you make.


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