Experiencing the Beauty of... Isaiah 40

The Beauty of Isaiah 40 {{Week 1}}

Welcome, friends!

We are beginning to study Isaiah 40, this week. I do hope you will join me, in this study. Today, I wanted to lay out “the plans” for this week’s study. Laying out the plans are important, but knowing why we are studying is even more important. So, let’s begin there.

The Purpose of this Study

Studying the Word of God is such an exciting experience!

As we study the Word of our Risen Lord, we are positioning ourselves to hear from the Lord God Almighty! We are putting ourselves in the most wonderful place, because God is the One who can change everything!

Do you struggle with who you are, dealing with crummy circumstances you cannot see past, and left in this state of wonder about your purpose in life? Me too, so let’s get to our studying – so we can discover the heart of our Creator and learn the answers to many of our questions!

Intentional studying

I don’t know about you, but this is why I am choosing to study Isaiah 40 over the next four weeks.

My plan for this study is to stay profoundly connected to this study, using this blog and social media facets. It is a Monday through Friday – kind of study. I am using my weekends, to catch-up or review what God has been teaching me all week long. Perhaps, some of those weekend moments will even include a deeper study on one of the things God has shown me.

This Week’s Schedule

This week, we will be covering Isa. 40:1-8. I want us to deliberately seek after God and His heart. I encourage you all to grab the study journal and use it to just write out your thoughts on paper. This is a valuable resource, that you can review all that God has taught you through this four week study!

Isaiah 40:1-2

Isaiah 40:3-5

Isaiah 40:6

Isaiah 40:7

Isaiah 40:8

The Weekend
Review//Go Deeper (if there’s time).

As we set aside a special time to meet God in His Word, we can be assured of one thing – God will show up in a big way! God is going to love us, meet with us, reveal His power and wonder, and show us how He can work in our lives.

My hope is to blog 2-3 times this week, as we set our eyes on Jesus and get to know Him through His Word! So make sure to check back, for new posts.

Our study in Isaiah 40, is four weeks long. After our Isaiah study, we are diving right into Gleaning From The Heart of Jesus – which explores the truths of Matthew 4-7. Click here to purchase this specialized journal for this nine week study. (Please note: When you use this link for any purchase, my blog receives a small earning as an Amazon Affiliate.)

We begin study Isaiah 40 on Monday. Stay tuned! If you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, be sure to follow Gracefully Overcoming to join in the fun.

~ Stacey

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