Walking Into The Light (Ephesians)

Faith-Infused Living {{Week 6}}


This is our last post for our Ephesians study. It has, sadly, come to an end. But, God’s treasures are ever present. God still has much to teach us, through His Word! The learning never ceases. God continues to pour out His knowledge, truth, and grace onto us, as draw near!

I invite you to open up your Bible and journal. As a way to prepare and take in all God has for you, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on Ephesians 6:14-17 and its accompanied verse (1 Thess. 5:8). After you have spent some time with these precious words given to us by God, hop back over here and we will get started.


I absolutely heart Ephesians 6:16. This is the verse I have held near and dear – as I fight through my current battle. I have taken the time to stencil certain verses I have come across this Summer. This is definitely one of those Bible verses to write out and concentrate on.

See, whatever battle we face, we need to allow faith to be our main spiritual weapon. They are all equally important, but notice what the Apostle Paul writes here:

In every battle, you will need faith as your shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan (vv. 16).

There is something we need, regardless of the battle we are facing. We need to trust that God will show up in a big way, as we give these “things” to Him. In James 1:5-9, we learn the importance of expecting God to show up.

How are you expecting God to show up in your current battle?

We need to be on our guard, against the Devil. He is making himself our enemy, because we are following Jesus Christ – the Lord and our God. See, God is far greater than any of the Devil’s schemes. The Devil may act tough, but he is reduced to nothing – in comparison to the greatness of our Living God.

God has given you specific weaponry to defeat the Devil. We need to take out our faith from the shed, when we put it away – deeming it as unimportant. We need to put away all of our earthly methods of “handling things,” and turn them over to our great God.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the absolute best weapon we have on hand. And, hear me folks: Our faith in Jesus is more than enough. You have power over Satan, because of who your heavenly Father is. He reigns. From the beginning to the very end, when the earth is no more, God reigns.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is important.

The way to win the battle is – to make a consistent effort to strengthen and stretch our faith. There is no spiritual discipline that matters more. Our faith is to be in Jesus Christ – our King of Kings – who is advocating for us. He is fighting on our behalf.

We need to have faith that –

  • He loves us.
  • He stays with us.
  • He forgives us, when we confess our sin.
  • He offers us victory – amidst the hard looking things.

He is our Companion.

Our faith is essential to every battle. The full armor of God rests on our faith.

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