Announcement: August/Sept SW Challenge

Hey friends!

Yesterday, I shared a couple pretty big blog announcements. The first was concerning a new Scripture Writing challenge, that I am excited to begin with you (more on that, in a moment).

Also, I shared a brand new opportunity I have been given – to write for Servants of Grace. My first article is now available on SOG’s website, so you will want to check it out. It is appropriately titled “The Gospel and Community”. We know, in Scripture, community is an influential part of the Christian life. So, join me – as we begin to talk some about God’s design for our relationships (and why we need the Church).

Scripture Writing Challenge – The Chapter –

With that said, let’s get back to our Scripture Writing Challenge. I promised you, details. And, I am here to deliver those precious details.

Over the next 4 weeks, we are studying Isaiah 40. Inside this one chapter, we learn a great deal about God and His character. This is a chapter, which God can use to radically alter our perception of God and who He truly is. We don’t have to settle for what God might be like.

But, we can truly know God – and walk in a relationship with Him. Because of His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus came, to die on the cross for our sins and rose again. When Jesus resurrected, He did many amazing things – including giving us new life. I want us to explore what this new life can look like, for us, as followers of Jesus Christ.

The Details

Unlike our Ephesians’ study (Walking into the Light), this study is written a bit differently. The biggest difference is the timing. Ephesians was a daily, six week, study. This study is a four week study, but each week has five lessons. Additional Scriptures are shared, to help us “go deeper” in our study of knowing God.

This might throw us off a bit, because our Sept/Oct study is written exactly like Walking into the Light.

The study will begin on the 8th of August. For the blog and social media, each week will go from Monday to Friday. My hope is to blog some through this experience, so I can soak up all God is showing me through this Spirit-filled chapter!


Below, you will find two resources you might want to grab to help you in your study time: The schedule and journal. I am very much looking forward to our study together, and I hope you will join us on the blog and social media!

Reading Schedule

Study Guide

Social Media Links




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