Jesus Cleanses Us {{Week 6}}

Hi Friends!

Today, I want to talk with you about Ephesians 5:25-28. Open up your Bible and journal – if you are opting for the journaling thing. If not, just take a few moments to read the selected passage (along with John 15:3). Then, meet me back here.

The Ephesians study journal is still available on Amazon. So is our next study – Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus (on Matthew 4-7). (Please note: When you use this link for any Amazon purchase, I receive a small earning from your purchases. Thank you for your support of Gracefully Overcoming and helping it reach others for the Kingdom.)

I am working on the assumption that you have taken time to sit with our Scriptures, given thought to them, and began praying that God will give you His understanding and wisdom. God has a specific message for each of us, concerning today’s Bible study!


Jesus is lovingly, willingly choosing to clean us up – as we draw near to Him (James 4:8; John 15:3). He is cleaning up you and me. He is doing it right now, as we get to know Him through His Word and talking with Him.

Now, Jesus doesn’t have to clean us up. He could leave us in the mess we are in – filled with sin, idols, and distractions. But, He doesn’t. God is filled with love and compassion for us, as we draw near to His Son Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus came. To pour out His love on us.

Jesus delights in being with us. He delights in spending time with you. He delights in spending time with me, too. All can come before the throne of grace – as we come to Jesus. When Jesus came to bring salvation to mankind, He made it available to all of us. We need to realize the love God has for us.

He has made us clean and holy, through our baptism with Christ. With Himself. He is making us clean. He is making us new. It is just so exciting to know what He is choosing to do on my behalf. I hope, it is for you too.

He knows our individual needs and He is putting all of Himself into His relationship with us. No area will be left untouched, by Jesus – as long as I keep drawing near and surrendering.

I can clean and precious in His sight. And, it is nothing I could ever produce on my own. Jesus Christ, my Living God, is the One who is making me clean. By His grace!

Week 6 is foundational. While I have been quite ill these past few weeks, chapter 6 is absolute preparation for this “pruning season” of my life. This is so good. You won’t want to miss any of it, so stay tuned!


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