Holding Onto His Teachings {& Our Faith}

I am not one who typically has dreams. Or at least, not that I can remember. Yet in today’s, the heart of God is churning my spirit.

I met Jesus in my dream today. He was carrying my cross and crown of thorns pressed into His skull. Yet as He did this, life was going on all around him in a marketplace type setting.  With the image in my head, I must ask ~ How can we go on in life, without recognizing Jesus Christ, His gift of salvation, and His intense pursuit for us? Then a second time, when I woke up, I was reminded of my loving Savior, who fights for me and ushers me into His presence… and the Holy Spirit whispered “hold onto My teachings”.

Essential Truth

In the book of John, we are reminded that Jesus’ teachings are extremely important. Jesus is God in the flesh. His teachings determine the course of our lives (see Prov. 4:23, 16:9). That’s why those who obey Jesus’ teachings by faith are called His disciples.

“So Jesus was saying to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you abide in My word [continually obeying My teachings and living in accordance with them, then] you are truly My disciples. (John 8:31, emphasis mine, AMP).”

It isn’t enough to believe Jesus once, and move on to whatever “thing” is going on in our lives. We are taught right here, that we need to keep believing. We need to keep holding onto Jesus and His perfect teachings.

His Authority

Jesus holds all authority over heaven and earth (see Mt. 28:18). He is our great Savior who came for us (see Jn. 1:14). Spending time with Jesus Christ is the most significant thing we could do.

Jesus is the One with the ability to transform us and our circumstances! But, He wants to start with our hearts.

Knowing Jesus Takes Effort

We need to keep allowing Christ to pursue us, and take Him at His Word. We have the blessing of spending time in the Word of God, His Presence, and in prayer – to cause our relationship with Him to absolutely flourish (see Ps. 1).

As we continue to trust in Jesus Christ, our Risen Savior, holding onto His teachings reveals that we are His. It is showing the world that we belong to Jesus Christ – the Eternal One. It shows the world that our faith is not in circumstances, rather it is in the Author of life itself – God, through His Son Jesus Christ!

In the midst of life and circumstances, I think it is easy to forget what is at stake.

God wants to speaks to us.

He wants us to see His Word is alive and well.

He wants us to know that He is far greater!

We cannot forget the cross that was carried on our behalf, despite its shame (see Heb. 12:2). Friends, the temptation to get caught up in today – is very present. But, let your relationship with Jesus Christ stand as the most important thing in your life!



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  1. I love the dream you had. I had a vision of Jesus today while worshipping in Church! He was holding my hand and running through these dog like chains and breaking them with a huge smile on his face. I love how God still speaks to us today.

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