Walking Into The Light (Ephesians)

Fueled by God’s Power {{Week 3 Recap}}

Welcome, friends!

Today, we are going to sit with our journals and ponder the truths we discovered this week.

What has stuck out most to you, this week? Is there one truth that hit home harder than the rest? How are you implimenting the truth, and allowing it to be a catalyst for your life?

Last week, I asked you for your top three. I asked, as I shared my top three. Today, I want you to think about your top three for this week, and be sure to comment below to share them with me.

As I scroll through my printed journal, I have a few of my own to share.


{Day 15} God is my good good Father. He gives me an inheritance, but it is done so purposefully. God is rich in His giving. He is determined to provide all I need. And, this is one truth I need to hold onto. I need to trust God to provide, even when I don’t have the slightest idea how things will turn out. God will provide. God has given me an inheritance. He will take care of me on earth, too.


{Day 16} The God I serve, changes lives. When I spend time with God, I am allowing Him to work in my life – and – change my life! God is changing me. God is working. God is not calling me to “figure things out” for myself, but He wants to help me work through every single detail of things I face. He wants to help in every decision I make. And, it is counted as an absolute pleasure to God!


{Day 18} God wants to fuel my life, by His Awesome power! If I will seek Him, my life could be fueled 100% by God. I wouldn’t have to try and do things in my own strength. I could discern and know His will, plans, and purposes. But, it comes with seeking after God with all my heart. I have to be willing to trust Him!

Learning to Trust

Trusting God definitely feels like a theme for this week!
… which is true. I do need to learn how to place my trust in Jesus versus the things I can see and touch.

God is continuing to remind me of His power. Even this week’s focus Scripture points us to God’s power.

God’s power is unlimited, and that’s what we have access to – as followers of Jesus!

Ephesians 3:20 teaches us that nothing is impossible for God. While we may wonder how God can pull off some things in our lives, we need to trust God and seek to know more about His power.

God is not powerless, far from it. God’s power far exceeds anything we could ever imagine. So, does His passionate love for us!

As we conclude week 3, what is God teaching you? How are you putting it into action the belief that God is all powerful?

* * * *

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