Walking Into The Light (Ephesians)

Finding the Power Source {{Week 3}}

Yesterday, we began talking about how we can fearlessly enter the Lord’s great presence. Without fear or any hesitation, we can enter the presence of the Most High God. God wants us to come before Him.

God wants us to seek Him out.

That truth really hit home in today’s devotion time. Turn with me to day 18 of your Scripture Writing Journal. Read today’s Scriptures, and meet me back here (Ephesians 3:14-16 and 2 Corinthians 12:9).

In Our Lives

We are most certainly fueled by something. The question is – how are we allowing Jesus (our King of Kings) to fuel our lives?

I find it interesting that God speaks to us on prayer, as we are reminded of God’s power.

God wants to fully empower us, friends!

Our lives could be fueled solely, by God’s great power – if we would allow Him to do so. We could be fueled 100% by God and His power.

We lack in our lives, because we aren’t coming to God. It’s not because God is not good… but, that, we aren’t seeking Him out. We need to keep seeking Him more and just stay ever-so-close, as we face trials in this life.

What are you and I doing to make sure we spend today ‘bow[ed] in prayer”?

Other Power Sources

We lack God’s evident power in our lives, and how we respond to things because we seek out other “power sources”. We aren’t finding ways of being ‘plugged in’ to God (through fellowship with God, the reading of His Word, and prayer).

We have stopped seeking after God, when it comes to finding ways to ‘deal’ with the stuff of our lives.

What are you seeking out? What is fueling your life? I wrote down a few of my own, but it is not a full list of things that I seek out instead of God.

  • Google
  • Entertainment (Netflix, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Friends//Family
  • Myself

Then when I go to all these things, I feel helpless and wonder why.

Fueled by the Right Source

We need our lives to be fueled by Jesus and Him alone! We have God dwelling inside of us, ready to arm us with His power. So, what is stopping us from seeking Him wholeheartedly?

If we remain prayer-less, we will remain powerless.

When Overwhelmed

We need to look for moments to spend in God’s presence, versus feeling overwhelmed by life. So, God can carry us through. God does have a much better way in store for us.

To receive His power, keep pressing into Him! Continue seeking Him – daily.

So, how are you staying connected to your true Power Source (Jesus Christ) today? How are you staying connected to the Father through all the high’s and low’s of your day?

By Gracefully Overcoming

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