Fearlessly Enter the Presence of God {{Week 3}}

Today was one of those days, where my quiet time equipped me for my day. I knew, today would be a hard day. I just didn’t know how to get through it. I didn’t know if God would come through. I didn’t know a lot of things.


God really came through today!

Open Up Your Journals!

I invite you all to join me in today’s passage of Scripture. Turn your journals to day 17, and read the Scriptures laid aside for you today (Ephesians 3:10-13 and Hebrews 3:6, 4:16). Take a few moments and really focus on them, then meet me back here!

Fearless Living

Today, God wants to equip and introduce us to fearless living. We can do this, because of Jesus Christ – our Lord.

When we made the choice to choose Jesus, we were given full access to God our heavenly Father.

While our lives include difficult days, God wants to prepare us. God wants us to spend time with Him, allowing Him to equip us for the journey that lies ahead.

Praying and reading our Bibles are two ways God can fuel us with His equipping!

Entering His Presence

The Bible helps us not only be equipped. The Spirit uses this time to usher us into His presence.

I don’t know about you, but find myself wanting His presence more with each day. Things will happen in my life, and immediately I just know that I need some time to be with my Eternal Father.

It is just one of those things my spirit knows it needs. Even if I can’t put words to the feeling, the need to be ushered into His presence is just known.

As God’s Children

We need to learn how to live fearlessly, as God’s beloved children. We are profoundly loved by God. The more I study the book of Ephesians, this is the truth that keeps coming back to me.

We are profoundly loved by the Father. And, He longs for us to spend time with Him. How are we longing for Him?

God has chosen to love us fearlessly. Because He has done so, we don’t need to be afraid. We can gladly enter His presence. We are given full access to Him through Jesus Christ. God goes above and beyond, when it comes to “how much” He allows us to enter His presence.

God has removed the boundaries between us and Him, through Jesus’ Resurrection!

The veil in the temple symbolized this barrier between God and His people. You could only get so close to Him. Only certain individuals were allowed in this sacred place, during certain times. Yet when Jesus rose again, that veil was torn from top to bottom (see Mt. 27:51).

All of us are invited to experience the sacredness of God’s Presence!

As we face different things in our lives, how are we coming boldly, fearlessly, confidentially, and hopeful to the throne of our great God? And, how are longing more for God with each passing day?

By Gracefully Overcoming

Gracefully Overcoming is my corner of the web to share my journey with chronic and mental illness, , and how Jesus keeps reminding me who I am in Him. I can always be found at: www.gracefullyovercoming.blog/

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