Choosing Our Savior Over Struggles {{Week 3}}

Welcome to week 3, my friends!!

Are you excited? I am looking forward to sharing this week’s treasures with you all, as I think and ponder on what God has taught me during this week’s study!

Let’s Begin! (Dig Out Your Journals and Bibles)

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Making The Shift

Today, I want us to shift our focus from our struggles and remember what God teaches us in Ephesians 3:4-6 and Romans 8:17.

Each one of us feel the weight of real struggles that bring discouragement, pain, and emotional heaviness with them. None of us are exempt from them.We can spend our entire existence avoiding struggles and pain, and still experience them. Unavoidable, they are. Jesus faced heavy struggles, on our behalf. This is why we can be pointed to Him – from struggles to our Savior!

Both begin with a “s”. The choice is ours, which we choose. Let me share with you about the big “S”.

The “S” in Savior

In Jesus Christ, we find our loving Savior who wants to hold us through the storm of life.

While our struggles (the little “s”) may leave us feeling suffercated and lifeless, Jesus Christ (the big “S”) comes to give us life – abundant life at that! Jesus teaches us this in John 10:10, where He proclaims an important truth that we need to hear today –

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (NIV).”

Our struggles, in part, come from the Devil. In some way, shape, or form, the Devil seeks to destroy those who place their hope and trust in Jesus Christ – their Savior, our Savior. Struggles in life can cause our trust in Jesus to waver – at times. But, God is greater.

Because God is faithful.

… And, it doesn’t depend on us (see 2 Tim. 2:13).

This is why we can make the shift from our problems to Savior.

God Gives

As we read in today’s verses, we learn that we have an equal inheritance in God’s Kingdom. Even though we aren’t Jewish. Even though, we led a less-than-holy life than the person sitting in the front-row pew in church.

The gifts God gives are unlike anything we experience in the world today. God gives in a lavishingly fashion. God doesn’t hold back. As a result of God’s passionate love, He makes sure we lack nothing in our lives (see Ps. 23:1).

God is abundant in His rich giving.

It reflects on who God is… and  the kind of God we serve.

An absence of struggles doesn’t reflect back on our relationship with God. This means, we aren’t “less than” – because we are facing a heavy life storm right now.

God is still with us, acting for us, fighting for us, loving on us, and breaking down barriers we can’t even see. Keep trusting Him.