Walking Into The Light (Ephesians)

Living in Your “So Now” {{Week 2}}

Earlier this week, I wrote about my thoughts on the statement made in Ephesians 2:19 (day 11).

Don’t Forget!

In this passage of Scripture, we are firmly reminded to not forget. As believers in Jesus Christ, we cannot let this world make us forget… just how far God has taken us. There is much in my own life that has led me to where I am today. As a daughter of God. As an aunt. As a friend.

In every role of my life, coming to know Jesus Christ has radically changed all of those things.

Break Out Your Journal

With that, in mind, let’s turn to today’s study. We will be getting started here, in just a minute. First, I want to share why I am absolutely in love with this study on the book of Ephesians.

Consider Joining Us!

Today, we are on day 13. I am enjoying this study sooo much! I hope you are getting to enjoy it, and join us. If you are just now hearing about the study, I invite you to join us. There is still time to join us. This is a six Scripture writing experience! And, it is barely week 2.

Why I Love Our Study

While it is barely week 2, God has been showing me increasingly more of Himself. God is all powerful, but He is also a loving and merciful God.

God has mercy on us. Continues to choose us. Continues to speak into our lives… even when we don’t deserve it.

Knowing how God has acted toward us, doesn’t just affect our relationship with God. It jumps into our relationships with others, as well. As we recognize how God is toward us, the Spirit of God will cause us to do something that we couldn’t do on our own.

Offer forgiveness, grace, and His kind of love to those who have hurt us.

Getting Started

Let’s jump into day 13, shall we?

We are reading Ephesians 2:19-22. Take a few moments to pull out your Bible and study journal, then join me right back here when you have read and meditated a little bit on the passage.

Those Words

Jesus uses someone like Paul (former terrorist to the Church – see Galatians 1:13; Acts 8:3) to speak about something important. It all begins with two words, and then spirals from there. What are those two words?

“So now”.

In Christ, we find freedom. We aren’t what we used to be, and it is all for God’s glory. Because of Jesus Christ who lovingly came to take on the punishment from our sin and rejecting God, we have found peace with God.

Jesus Christ came, even though we continually rejected God.

The Love of God Powerfully Displayed Through Christ

What kind of love, is this?

Why choose people like me and you?

In Ephesians, we learn just how powerful the love of God truly is! God continually chooses us and loves us – despite all we have said and done. He continually chooses us.

“God has carefully joined Himself to me. It… is with absolute intention… carefully and intentionally. This is His dwelling place. You have been chosen!”

We have been carefully and specifically chosen by God.

How are you choosing to walk in your newfound identity in Jesus Christ and His amazing love for you?

Our Past is Past…

We can get so wrapped up in what we used to be, that we miss where God has taken us today.

God has chosen to make you His own. Your days of not belonging – are long gone. Your days of fighting for yourself are gone too. Now, you have the God of all creation fighting for you and standing on your side (see Ex. 14:14; Rom. 8:31).

As for me, I know I want to dwell more on His amazing love. Put aside everything else that plagues me and my days, and just focus on the Lord and the endless pursuit He has for my heart. He lovingly pursues me. He is the One worthy of my heart. I want to live in my “so now,” because I don’t want to miss a thing that God has for me.

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