Hope Unfolding (A Blogging-For-Books Review)

I recently found a new favorite book. Maybe, you have heard of it. Hope Unfolding is written by the wonderful – Becky Thompson! Through this precious book and author, we learn that our hope is not lost. In our circumstances, God is still for us. Though we feel forgotten, at times, we aren’t forgotten or left alone to fight off whatever battle we face today.

As a daughter of God and Christ-follower, we need to remember God is still with us, for us, speaking to us, offering us His amazing grace, and loving us through it all. We need to hang onto the hope we find in Jesus Christ, even when circumstances cause our hope to waver.

Though I am not a mom, I have taken away a lot from this book – due to chronic illness and the ups and downs that come from being a child-care provider. The take-away for me, has been to extend myself the same grace Jesus has. Even though my life is far different from Becky’s, she has a lot to teach me (and I am so glad she is writing a 2nd book).

“It can be easy to believe that life will always be just like it is right now, but God isn’t done writing your story.”

Thompson takes her story and life experiences as a momma, and offers them up as reminders that, even in these raw places, God has not forgotten about you (or the journey the God of all creation has set you on). I would highly recommend this book.

“Hope Unfolding” is filled with the reminder of the truth we find in Jesus Christ and the Word of God (the Bible).

Right now, Amazon has the printed book for a very reasonable price (!!). At the time of writing this, the printed copy is only $8.61 – that’s even cheaper than the Kindle copy. Have you heard about this book, “Hope Unfolding”? How is God allowing hope to unfold in your rough momma days or just rough days? While we are not all called to be someone’s momma, we all face rough days in this life. He can use those moments to remind us of His promises, nearness to us, and unending truths we found in the Bible – His trusted Word!


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**Please note: While Blogging for Books has graciously offered me a free copy of “Hope Unfolding,” this review is 100% of my honest opinion of this great book!**