Pretend to be Okay {{Reasons and Reflection}}

Often when we are in the midst of a trial, there is one game we all seem to do fairly well at. And that is, pretending to be okay. Today, was quite simply – “that kind of day.” Maybe, it was for you also.

While we may pretend to be okay, there is one fact we forget. Pretending doesn’t make us closer to being okay.

The Pretending

While, at church today, I did the performance dance. I listened to a beautiful message on
“pride” (I know, right??), and tried to muster up the strength to look okay on the outside. I want to focus on three reasons why we (or I) might do this little dance.

  • Pride.
  • Sparing loved ones of our burdens.
  • To not allow others to mourn with us.

The View From God

God looks at our hearts. He doesn’t want us walking around in our circumstances all on our own. God wants His people to open up and share diligently, so others can be there for us! In all honesty, I shared with a few trusted folks. We need those kind of friendships, where honesty can be utilized. The sharing, much like the illness, can get a bit complicated.

The Reason Why I Share

While man looks at outward appearances, it isn’t the one that ultimately matters. As the Word of God teaches us, God looks at our hearts. That’s what God cares about.

In the Bible, we find these words:

“… God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart. (1 Sam. 16:7b, ICB)”

Three Thoughts to Share –

Who am I excluding from seeing my hurts? Granted, this is a hard question to ask. Why? It gets into the issue of pride. A lot of times we keep on the mask, so, we look “normal” or more put together. But, that isn’t the real us. I want for us to learn how to tread this road of being honest with people, yet carefully.

“You know what, I have been better.”

Honest, yet limited detail.

My goal in these situations is to love others (and myself) by making these moments memorable. Memorable, because of the trust existing between them and me. Where encouragement and prayer can dwell. (Even alongside joy and gratitude!)

How am I allowing God to use my circumstances, to encourage others? Or, to teach them compassion? By sharing our difficult days, God can use us and the trials we may face. God wants to use us to speak to His children. Maybe, they need to hear your story – to deepen their own relationship with Him through Jesus .

How am I making the choice to be more concerned about my heart than appearance? God wants us to care more about our hearts than appearance. I know, for myself, my heart needs to take priority over making appearances.

God is far more concerned about my heart. That’s where my offering is.

We can each put our foot forward with trusting God goes before us. We don’t have to share everything, but we don’t have to hide everything either. We can be honest. Let’s start with being honest with our great God about how we are honestly doing. Let’s settle it in our hearts to be real with God about how we are doing.