Peace Swells Up {{Week 1}}


I am soo excited! Today, we begin our 6 week journey. That’s right, we are studying the entire book of Ephesians over these next few weeks. I am excited to see what God has to show us, as we write out the entire book. Verse-by-verse. Day-by-day. I promise, you will enjoy it!

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Before we officially “get started”, I want you all to do something for me. Open up your Bibles, and read the entire first chapter of Ephesians. Or, you could use Bible Gateway. I prefer us to use our own primary Bible. For me, I will be utilizing my used (new to me) giant print Bible I just recently got. Just because I can’t see very well, doesn’t mean I have to let that affect my study time (and, I had no idea how much it was affecting my quiet time!).

Beginning Our Study

We are beginning today’s study with two big words that will radically change our lives when we grab ahold of their impact. Can you guess what they are? They are grace and peace. While both are equally important and sorta intertwined, I want to focus on the second word – peace.

In the Greek, Eirene (peace) means…

A tranquil state of being, given to us through our salvation in Jesus. Due to our position in Christ, we have contentment regardless of what we face in our lives. Essentially, this is what this blessed word – peace – means.

It points back to our position found in Jesus Christ. God decided to call us His own. As we are dearly loved by God, chosen by God, and granted entrance into the Kingdom of God, He is lavishing spiritual blessings onto us. Things we could never imagine having in our lives. With God by our side, we are given every spiritual blessing there could ever be. All, because of Jesus Christ.

The spiritual blessings we receive (including grace and peace) have absolutely nothing to do with who we are and everything to do with who Jesus Christ is – and – what He has come for.

He has come for us, because He loves us.

This is why we are given peace. Because He loves us. Have you ever wondered how that person remains abundantly calm, despite the chaos raging around them on all sides of them? That is the peace of God. It is a gift that is freely given. Only God can help us, to be at peace with whatever happens in our lives.

This is something I want.

I want this kind of peace.

If I were to be honest with all of you and myself, my soul lacks tranquility. It lacks the peace of God. A lot of that has to do with where I tend to turn for comfort and peace. I am learning to come away with Jesus. And as I do, I am realizing that He is where peace is found. It can never be found in relationships, a change of circumstances, social media, or any other factor. It is only found in Jesus, the Christ. Because, Jesus is peace!

Jesus’ peace is why we can face a raging life storm and still be able to say “It is well with my soul” and meant it with every ounce of our being!

How can you devote this week, to spending more time with Jesus – to enjoy His sweet peace and His grace that covers every area of our lives (if we will let Jesus)?

Jesus Christ, wants to give us peace that swells up in our spirits. He doesn’t want us lacking peace, running on empty (like I tend to do). Jesus is our Good Shepherd. Our great God. And, He wants to provide us with a peace like no other. But, we have to learn to start seeking Him first rather than last – my friends. I know, it is so counter-cultural from what this world tells us to do. But, this is where we find long-lasting, genuine, peace in our lives.

This is what the Lord says—
    your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the Lord your God,
    who teaches you what is good for you
    and leads you along the paths you should follow.
Oh, that you had listened to my commands!
    Then you would have had peace flowing like a gentle river
    and righteousness rolling over you like waves in the sea (Isaiah 48:17-18).”

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