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Rising Above Temptations {{Trials Tuesday}}

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Temptations are a fact of life, and affect the best of us. Often times, we don’t want to face this truth that – temptations are real. Temptations are, indeed, very real. Even the best people faced temptations. This is why we can face our temptations head-on, versus pretending like they are not there (hello Stacey, understand this!).

Temptations We Face

As we sit with our friend, James, I want us to remember that…

While temptations are part of the human experience, it does not mean we have to give into them.

Because, they are destructive.

Because, there is a way out! (see 1 Cor. 10:13)

Through Jesus Christ, we can rise up and conquer the deadliest of temptations.

Before we can rise up and conquer temptations, though, we have to be willing to do something.

We have to admit that we are one who struggles with sin. And, realize how temptations affect us (leading us to death).

Does anyone else find it peculiar that the craving thing we face, promises life, but in fact brings death?

That thing you crave, is not going to deliver its promise of life or satisfaction. Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will satisfy and bring life!

Grab Your Bible, Friends!

I invite you to join me, as we take a closer look at James 1:13-15. Read the selected passage, and then join me back here – so we can sit and talk.

What temptation are you facing right now?

We often think of sexual temptation when we hear the word “temptation” thrown around. But, temptations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Money, relationships, and keeping a busy schedule are just a few temptations we might face.


In Ephesians 2:1-3, we are reminded that, before Christ, we chased after everything we craved.

If there is anything we know, it’s temptation. We experience it every day. From the moment you get up out of bed, temptation will find you… especially if you are a follower of Jesus Christ.

We need to get honest right now, with whatever temptation we are facing; see it for what it is. We need to let these words of truth be sown into our spirit right now.

Lessons From James

Temptations are…

1… real.

2… not of God.

3… coming from our own desires.

4… dragging us away from Jesus, our loving Savior, and the things of God.

5… gonna destroy us (and others), if we do not put them in their proper place.

Call to Action

Today, I want us to do something – as we look this temptation in the face. Whatever your struggle may be right now, look it in the face and see it for what it is.

“_________ does not honor God. It does not bring me closer to God. Whatever it is promising to do for me, is a lie. I am going to choose to trust Jesus to help me with this.”

Our desires, if not subdued, will carry us away from God. Our desires will try to get us to compromise, in order to soothe whatever the longing is for. They will seem subtitle and like they aren’t a big deal. But, they are.

How can you confront the lies of your current temptation, and accepting the truth of God and His Word?

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