As the body of Christ, we have a duty to be there for one another. We need to keep each other lifted up in prayer and continue offering support however we can. Some years ago, I wrote about how Aaron and Hur pulled their physical resources to strengthen the brother – Moses – in a crucial time.

How can we do continue to offer support to our brothers and sisters in Christ?

I have a dear friend who I cherish. We have several things in common. We both cherish writing, God’s Word, family, and even share a similar affliction. Which if I were to be honest, strengthens our friendship that much more. It doesn’t mean I appreciate her low energy days or pain. It is just one of those things that has strengthened our friendship.

She has began sending me little messages that mean the world. We may not have this long ole’ conversation. But, those four letters mean so much to the both of us.


Keep On,

Keeping On.

Even if we are not able to have a long phone conversation with a brother or sister in Christ, we can still offer them encouragement they need.

KOKO is one of those things, that just encourages me. It is the underlying message it sends.

I know you are fighting

and the road may be getting rough,

but hang in there.

Jesus Christ is still on the throne!

He is still fighting on your behalf.

Keep your gaze on Him, because He is fighting for you.

Hang in there.

He is with you,

and fighting for you!”

That is an encouragement that only my Christian brothers and sisters can give to me. My other friends, who sadly do not know Jesus Christ, cannot offer the same sort of encouragement. Because they do not know the source of our great hope and life-giving encouragement. The encouragement is rooted in the God in whom I serve.

Because of the God I serve, I can KOKO. I can keep on. I can fight through the bad days. Because of the encouragement found in God, through His Son Jesus Christ, and the Christian Church, I can continue to persevere. I know bad days are expected, as I push past my feelings, health problems, fears, and anxieties. But, God is reigning on the throne. God is continuing to give me what I need to KOKO (Keep On, Keeping On).

2 Timothy 4:7 describes the goal. To “finish well”.

“I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith!”

When my life is done, I pray I could say I gave God my all and finished well. It wasn’t about what I couldn’t do, but what I did do.

It is about how we can continue to spur one another on in our lives, so we can all say at the end of our lives – we finished well, we kept the faith and gave our all to our Savior Jesus Christ.

No, our circumstances will not be what we will. Rather, they are what the Lord wills.

His Presence is not defined by the circumstances we face. Let’s make sure we continue to be present in one another’s lives – despite what we face. May we resolve to be people who seek to love God and love one another with all we have to give.


2 thoughts on “KOKO

  1. This is so true. It’s so important to keep those relationships but it is hard when I am sick so much. I know I need to be more proactive in others life. Great encouragement. I also love KOKO : )

    1. I hear ya. I am learning that one too. For me, trying to be present in others’ lives won’t mean extra energy filled tasks… just small steps to be there for people. I downloaded Facebook messenger on my phone. So even though I am breaking from Facebook for now (my anxiety levels just can’t take it, to be completely honest. ..), I can send short messages. Short messages being the key thing. I don’t use messenger as a way to have an instant conversation, occasionally I will… but, I need reasonable expectations. I stink at making *reasonable* expectations for myself… All that accomplishes is… running me down and a full blown panic attack. Unless my expectations are reasonable, I can’t take care of me and be present in others’ lives (summer is my rough season ).

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