[[Jonah Study]] A Bit of Honesty

Jonah Study

Hi friends!

I wanted to pop in, and invite you to join me.

Starting today, we are walking through the book of Jonah. So, check out my Instagram page for the daily posts and interacting. Or, better yet, feel free to use the comment section below to share what God is teaching you through the book of Jonah.

I will be popping in, when able to (laptop is still in the shop, waiting on a part).

While I may not pop in, as often as I would like, I do know this one thing…

I know, I need this Jonah study. I know many of you probably need it, just as badly. I know, I am better at studying the Word where I am surrounded by others who are study too. You are probably the same way. God has wired us to need community in our lives. So, I want to be a part of a community of believers who want to study Jonah along with me!


I have a few reasons… Ready to hear them? You probably have your own reasons too (I would love to hear them, comment below on why you need this study).


… Because I have a knack for running away.


… Because I have done the running and it’s become a coping mechanism.


… Because I have anxiety and have put soo much pressure on myself to perform.


… Because I need to learn what it means to actually sit and share with our God in heaven. The One who lovingly dwells with us, when we ask Him too.


I have put together a study guide to help us, as we walk through the book of Jonah. As we begin this study, pray He will reveal Himself to you… to us. Pray He will show us the areas where we have ran away (knowingly or not).

God is with us!

The book of Jonah is a bit intimidating for me, but I am trusting God to hold my heart as I begin this study.

((For the study guide,click the link above where it says ‘Jonah Study’. The placement for the link is incredibly dorky, but that’s where my phone wants to put it.

Email readers, visit the actual blog for the PDF link to the study guide.))

Until next time,