Good Pleasure {{Week 1}}

Hey friends! I invite you all to join me, as I reflect on today’s study. Turn your journals to day 4. **For those who don’t have a journal yet, I want you to turn to Ephesians 1:6-10 and Galatians 1:15-16** Take a few moments to read today’s set of verses, then meet me right backContinue reading “Good Pleasure {{Week 1}}”


Pretend to be Okay {{Reasons and Reflection}}

Often when we are in the midst of a trial, there is one game we all seem to do fairly well at. And that is, pretending to be okay. Today, was quite simply – “that kind of day.” Maybe, it was for you also. While we may pretend to be okay, there is one fact weContinue reading “Pretend to be Okay {{Reasons and Reflection}}”

Peace Swells Up {{Week 1}}

Friends, I am soo excited! Today, we begin our 6 week journey. That’s right, we are studying the entire book of Ephesians over these next few weeks. I am excited to see what God has to show us, as we write out the entire book. Verse-by-verse. Day-by-day. I promise, you will enjoy it! (If youContinue reading “Peace Swells Up {{Week 1}}”

Rising Above Temptations {{Trials Tuesday}}

((Friends, don’t forget to ‘tune in’ this Saturday – as we kick off our online Bible study right here on Gracefully Overcoming)) — — — Temptations are a fact of life, and affect the best of us. Often times, we don’t want to face this truth that – temptations are real. Temptations are, indeed, veryContinue reading “Rising Above Temptations {{Trials Tuesday}}”

Introvert Speaks: Guilt-Free Expectations

Let me begin, by saying this one thing: God has given me the most amazing fellow readers and bloggers to enjoy life alongside – as I write and wrestle with this innate desire to be relational. Thank you ladies and gents, for being soo amazing! Thank you for allowing me to be real about myContinue reading “Introvert Speaks: Guilt-Free Expectations”