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{{Walking Into The Light}} The Sneak Peak

Walking Into The Light CoverA few days ago, I released the big bomb (ha!). The announcement of my new Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal. I am soo excited to get my hands on it. I wanted to bring before you all today a sneak peak of this new study.

Quick Facts!

Length: 6 weeks (42 days!)

Book of the Bible: Ephesians (all 6 chapters)

Where can it be bought? Create Space and Amazon.

How do I plan on making it a community-based study?

I want to utilize this blog as a platform to build a community of believers that study the Word together.

I hope you will consider joining us!

Are you ready for your official sneak peak?

The Study Journal

Each day, our study will include ~

::Ephesians Scripture::

Each day, we will write out and study a small portion of Scripture. Most days, the assigned passage is not longer than 4 verses.

::Looking Up::

This is where we pull in one other Scripture, to write out –  that connects to what we are studying on that particular day.


This is simply a place for you to journal your thoughts, as you open up to the Holy Spirit and watch Him rain down on your life, sharing His incredible truths, wisdom, and power.

We get the shear joy of  watching Him get to work in every area you are willing to give Him.


This is a sacred place. The place where you will connect what you are reading to your love relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. We want to not just apply it to our lives, but see it bring us life with the Father through Jesus. When we talk with someone, we want to get their feedback. Why would we expect God to be any difference? He wants to hear from you. He wants you to share, as you write out and consider His Word.

For a sample of Walking Into The Light, click here.

To grab your copy of the Scripture Writing journal (only $8 before shipping), head over to Amazon! The quickest method is to click on “My Books” (email readers, head over to the blog. And, it is on the top of the page). 

Stay tuned! We will discuss the benefits of such a study in just a few short days.


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