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Tuesday Link-Up: Our Testimonies


I want to welcome you to week 2 of our link – up (click here for last week’s). Each week, my goal is for us to come together and share how God is working and moving into our lives.

Because the truth is – God is constantly on the move and working out all things. Even the hard things, God is working everything out. We need stories to cling to. How has God come to your aid? How has Jesus been your refuge this week? How can you see God moving this week, in a way that was beyond needed.

I want you to share… I want to hear from you on how you are learning to gracefully (or maybe ungracefully) overcoming.

Maybe, it’s experience you had this week.

A conversation.

Or, a time of encouragement or Bible study you want to share.

I invite you all to join me this week, as we share our testimonies and how God is moving in our lives!


One response to “Tuesday Link-Up: Our Testimonies”

  1. Mihaela Echols Avatar
    Mihaela Echols

    I love this idea!

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