Fruit of the Brokenness {{Depression is a Fight}}


I am proud to announce that I have been able to partner up with Melinda of Fruit of Brokenness. Melinda is a wonder new blogger friend, and am pleased to have found her blog. I am finding her to be quite the treasure, as she opens up about her struggle with depression. And, I am so thankful that God is using her to talk about the struggles of mental illness.

In her blog, Fruit of Brokenness, she brings together two important topics: Our faith in Jesus Christ. And, mental illness.

We are not alone in this fight against the thorns of depression or other forms of mental illness (anxiety, OCD, etc). It appears in many forms, but Jesus Christ can continue to guide us through the rough days.

I realize mental illness is something we often shy away from. But, we need to talk about it. We need to build those conversations we dread, where we open up concerning how we are doing…

So, that is what I am doing today. Last week, I wrote a guest post for Melinda’s blog on my own struggle with depression. This is a special thing for two reasons: (A) Talking mental health is hard. (B) First ever guest post!

It is now available for you to read, relate, and pray. I hope you will check it out and allow it to be a tool in your own life. Whether in your own fight against depression or perhaps as something that will lead you on in helping someone during their storm of depression.

Before I share the link, let me give a sneak peak of what you are for…

“Those first moments going into Chuck E. Cheese, or Disneyland, or any place where there are crowds of people. Those moments can be brutal. They are difficult. You fight tooth and nail. To just be there. To just resemble some outward appearance of normal. To just keep from allowing them to see you cry. To just hang on long enough to make it through.

… Because depression, anxiety, and those emotions of that traumatic experience, they don’t take a break.

… Because somewhere inside, you want to be able to move past the difficult moments.

… Because we deserve to see the beauty in life.

… Because we deserve to be able to make it through a happy experience and experience the joy those moments hold for those who are elated – instead of depressed.”

Click here to read “Depression is… a fight!”

To learn more about Melina and Fruit of Brokenness, visit her blog.

She is also sharing her words of encouragement on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Be sure to look up Melinda and this ministry God has given her.