The Joy of Philemon {& Studying Jude}

Somewhere toward the middle of May, I decided I wanted to take action to ensure that I would be in the Word of God. I know how I get when summer hits. I get unfocused. I have the potential to kinda veer off the path as far as my routines and disciplines go.

I knew that I want to seek Him.

I knew I wanted to put my best foot forward, and develop spiritual habits that would help fuel my love relationship with Jesus!

I just didn’t know how long I would last,

but it has been soul fulfilling.

To sit at my Savior’s feet, and study this precious book of Philemon.

Amazing Grace

We began this #GOScriptureWriting with studying the book of Philemon. For the past nine days, we have been getting wrapped up in the study about Philemon, his once-run-away-slave (whose name was Onesimus), Christian love, the amazing grace of our great God, and the need to share in love. It is an amazing story of how God redeems. For me, that is the take away.

Our God is the great Redeemer!

The Testimony

Not only does God redeem us through the blood of Jesus Christ and His powerful resurrection, He shows us how we can live and love our Christian brothers and sisters. In this scenario, Philemon is a generous leader who faced the hardship of his slave running away from home. But in the process of Onesimus’ running, God caught him. Onesimus meets up with Paul in jail, and comes to know the Lord Jesus on the most personal level. And, he is forever changed.

Onesimus is completely changed.

He could keep running.

He could stay with Paul (especially after Paul wanted him to stay).

But, he is coming home. He is coming home a completely new man, because he has met and began a beautiful relationship with God, his Creator, through God’s Son Jesus Christ.

So, Onesimus doesn’t want to run away anymore.

He doesn’t want to keep on running. Because, that isn’t much of a life. God has called him. He has been given new life. Now, he gets to utilize this new life. And, Paul and Philemon are both instrumental in Onesimus and how he comes back home, to the household of Philemon where he would serve, learn, and grow into the man God called him to be.

That is what God is showing me, as I finish up my study in Philemon.

If you joined us, what did God teach you through the book of Philemon? How could you relate to these men of God and their honest-to-God struggles?

Invitation to Study –

As I just announced, I am coming out with a Brand New Study – Walking Into the Light, I hope you all will join me in studying Ephesians. The good news is, we don’t have to wait to begin a study together!

Using the hashtag #GOScriptureWriting, we are beginning a new study tomorrow on the book of Jude. I have assembled a printable journal for us to use, as we seek God and dig into the Word of God.

It seems fitting to begin studying the book of Jude with the same kind of format as the Ephesians study. So, I wanted to share the workbook I  put together to utilize for the studying of Jude.

I look forward to sharing things God lays on my heart, during this time of worship and seeking through this study.

I invite you to join me for the next TEN days, as we study this book together!

As we prepare to dive into the study on Jude (begins tomorrow), what kind of questions do you have? What are the expectations you have, for this study? How are you hoping it will change you? It is influential in the transformation process.

As we spend more time one-on-one with Jesus, we will be changed from the inside-out!

Don’t forget to print your Jude Study Guide!

(P.S. Don’t forget to utilize the hashtag #GOScriptureWriting! Let’s do this. Growing in God, together.