Coming Soon: Walking Into The Light

Walking Into The Light CoverFor quite a while, I have wanted to study the book of Ephesians. It’s been an ongoing desire of mine. To study the book of Ephesians.

Yet, I keep putting it off…

I keep putting it off, because I want to study it in an in-depth way.

I want to look at each piece of the Scripture, that is the book of Ephesians.

To put it simply, I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to be able to open and study Ephesians with empty hands, so I can take away all of the eternal treasures God has for me.

It’s Time

I have been talking about studying the book of Ephesians for quite a while. I have talked about it. I am great at talking about things, but it’s about learning how to take those desires and do something about them. How can I willfully begin to work out these longings of my heart like studying the book of Ephesians?

This leads me to the reason for today’s post.

It is time to put this desire of studying this amazing, beautiful, book into action. It is now time to study this six chapter book of the Bible in small pieces like I always hoped – which includes looking at other pieces of Scripture too.

You’re Invited!

I want to invite each and every one of you to join me this summer, as I seek out how to study the precious word of God. There is many treasures for us to discover, as we sit at His feet and enjoy His Word. There is soo much in store for us, as we commit to studying His Word together in a safe place.

I invite each of you to join me. I will post the purchase link on May 31st, which the official date for the release.

About The Study

This is a daily study (6 weeks x 7 days). Yes, you read that right. Before you shut off your laptop or phone, hear me out. You hear about these daily, long, amazing studies. Right? We like amazing studies. But, they are long. When they are lengthy, it doesn’t offer much flexibility especially for those days where you are (A) busy (B) sick (C) or life just flat out gets in the way.

I wanted to make this an in-depth study, but is also flexible for whatever season of life you might find yourself.

I am Ready. Are You?!?

I am soo excited for our study. Not only am I excited about being this study myself, I want to see how God can use this to bring us together as a community whose faith is in the hope of Jesus Christ and to see God transform our lives! I look forward to seeing how God will combine my own quiet time, social media (twitter/fb/Instagram), and this blog to continue speaking to each one of us – regardless of how differently our lives seem to be from one another.

I pray this Bible journal will be an encouragement to you – and – you will prayerfully consider joining me.

One of the beauties of this study is how it reminds us all the things that prove to be pivotal to the Christian faith. It is going to be a faith-building experience that floods our hearts with the joy of Christ. He will flood our hearts with the power that rose Jesus Christ from the dead. Because, that’s God’s power. And, He wants to show us exactly who He is and what He is capable of doing.

Will you join me?

As it’s release draws near, I will be sharing more of my heart for this study. Stay tuned! Among the list of things I hope to share:

~ A sneak peek into Walking Into The Light.

~ How we can benefit from such a study.

And possibly, even more.

You won’t want to miss any of it! So, make sure you subscribe to Gracefully Overcoming. Then, you don’t have to worry about missing any of it!

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