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The Gospel in Persecution (Mt. 10)

Read Matthew 10:16-21.

Jesus invites us to know what moments of our lives look like – as followers of Jesus Christ.


There will be times where we are persecuted, because of the One in whom our faith rest.  In those times of persecution, God will use it to spread the Gospel,grow us closer to Christ, arm us with His power, and give us the words to speak. Even the most difficult of circumstances, can be used to share the Gospel. Even in the most trying of times, the Good News is still very good news.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world!
No matter what happens, God is still who was and will be.
God stays the same, and the One who is absolutely for us.

The World

This world has sought to kill and destroy the One whom they cannot kill – Jesus, the King of Kings. They wanted nothing to do with Him, and yet they cannot stop His name from being proclaimed from the rooftops.

The world only wants to hear Jesus’ name as a curse word, and not as the One who breathes life into aching souls.

Weapons We Need

As we face trying times and persecution, we are reminded that we need to do a few things –

  • Be on our guard (“wise as serpents”).
  • Be good and kind (“innocent as doves”).
  • Watch the power of God flow in and through our words.

How have we done these things?

  • Acted wisely, as we live and operate in a fallen world with keeping God first?
  • Displayed His loving-kindness to those who do not believe?
  • Watched for His power at work in trying times?
  • Kept our eyes on this very Good News?

God’s Very Word

In our times of trials and persecution, we are encouraged by the Creator of our souls to not worry. Instead of worrying, we are reminded we are not alone. As Jesus instructs us on persecution, He gives us something that can cause us to leap with joy. Because we are not alone. Again, He reveals “I am the One fighting for you!”

“… don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time. For it is not you who will be speaking—it will be the Spirit of your Father speaking through you (Mt. 10:19-20).”

The Holy God of the universe, is the One who wants to speak in and through you. God can use even the smallest mouse, to voice His mighty words that shake up this world and build up His heavenly kingdom. When you have needed to speak, how has God fueled you with the right set of words?

For His Sake

Jesus Christ endured the unbelievable, to reconcile an unholy people to a holy God. God’s love is so very present for us.  He came, for us. How are we responding to the opportunity to follow Him and enjoy Him? He wants to pour His life into us, and give us all we need – for whatever thing we face. Particularly, persecution. Fierce persecution will come, but God can prepare us for it. As God prepares us, we can experience victory. Even in persecution, we can experience glorious victory and “usher others into a love relationship with Jesus Christ”.


One response to “The Gospel in Persecution (Mt. 10)”

  1. “The Holy God of the universe, is the One who wants to speak in and through you.” How often we forget this, act like it couldn’t be us. Live like it isn’t us.
    Good stuff.

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