The Power of God Has Come

Mark 1:1-15

IF I were to place a tagline for this portion of Scripture, it would be, The Power of God Has Come.

Throughout these set of verses, we see God acting. We see God declaring who He truly is.

The question isn’t “Is God working?”. But, the real question is – “How am I stopping to take notice of the power of God?” We need to give our lives a pause button, so we can hear God speak to us. God isn’t One to compete with the voices of this world. We need to take time to set everything else on pause for a time, and just hear God speak into our midst. Into our circumstances. Into our hearts. It begins with choosing to be still, and listen when God speaks.

The Power…

When we begin grasp the power of God and trust Him, it changes everything!

When we take the time to pause and seek God, He will show us His true character. The one that cannot be put into a box of any sort.

I love the story of revival in these pages of Scripture. The story of hearts coming into knowing their Creator. The story of turning from sin, and entering the community of God. God is the One who can change everything.

Soak It Up

Give Mark 1:1-15 a read tonight. Who knows? I just might pop in, to share some more on why I love this passage so much!

Head over to Bible Gateway for the Scripture (or grab your closest Bible).

Take the time to slowly read this passage of Scripture. Where do you see God working? How is He challenging the people’s hearts? And, finally, how is He challenging your own heart?

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