Introvert Speaks: Fatten Up Before a Race

Growing pains are hard.

Currently, I am in the process of releasing the ways I once coped with the excess stimuli. See, as an introvert, a highly sensitive introvert at that, I tend to run myself down – A LOT. I do my favorite and least favorite tasks, and yet I don’t take the necessary time to just “recharge”.

Recharging Problems

At times, I just let TV become my core program for “recharging”. Okay, here’s the problem. Depending on various factors connected with the TV habit you have, that may just overwhelm your spirit THAT.Much.More.

At least, I know it does for me.

I can’t speak for every single introvert or highly sensitive person.

Just me.

So currently, I am in the process of switching up things. My typical routine includes watching TV. Especially at night. Especially if I am having an unwell day. Especially if I have had a busy day. Certain triggers increase this habit-forming behavior.

Coping Mechanisms


IF I am watching TV, I am not…

→ Having peace and shear quietness.

→ Spending time writing, which helps me process excess stimuli (sound, experiences, etc).

→ Getting my “Jesus” on (spending time in the Word of God (the Bible) and prayer, arming up my spirit with my God – given Armor).

Those are three very big things. They are my coping mechanism, for dealing with a spirit that is at times…. intolerable regarding sights, sounds, conversations, and so much more that drags my spirit down.


I have a lot of coping mechanisms that are actually anti-coping mechanisms. They are things I absolutely love to do, but they don’t exactly help my spirit to be at its best. They don’t help me to experience the abundant life that God has designed for me to have. Thus, this service message. At 12:26 AM.

I just finished my work for the day. Of just different stuff. I watched kids. I cleaned. I am currently staring down a dirty kitchen, because I didn’t get to wash dishes after dinner. Now, I know why folks are pro clean-the-kitchen-and-wash-dishes-after-dinner. *Ehem* Anyway, I am learning how to cope differently.

I am learning to process LIFE, really, and take time now – so I don’t have to take time later.

Normally, I would run and turn on the TV – and just zone out. But, it would be nice to wake up with a less-weighed-down spirit than I went to bed with.

Fatten Up Before a Marathon?

No one would knowingly weigh down their clothes with heavy bricks before a full on marathon (initially, I wrote “purse”… But, who wears a purse to run a marathon anyway?). Well, I wouldn’t. Why make a long difficult journey – even more difficult and long and draining? Right?!?

Another example is fattening up before a marathon. Who would want to run a marathon out-of-nowhere after gaining 100 pounds. To go from couch potato to marathon in one day. Not too thrilling, am I right?

We need the ability to run a marathon.

We need to get in shape.

We need to ditch whatever weight we can.

Whatever burdens, we can.


If we wouldn’t fatten up before a big race, why would I choose a coping thing that isn’t really an effective way of coping?

My routines need to change, so they reflect this abundant life I want to pursue.

I need to pursue the peace.

The God-given peace.

God wants that for me.

I want that for me.

Jesus came to be my Prince of Peace.

Ditch Every Weight (& Burden)

Lately, I have been thinking about Hebrews 12:1-2a.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus…”

We are called to run this race. We need to let go of everything that gets in the way. This means, unlearning habits that are the antagonist to my personality type.

Quite honestly.

I don’t need a loud TV.

I don’t need to try and process a stressful scenario dealing with my favorite characters. That isn’t going to somehow help me tackle tomorrow’s challenges. It’s not going to help me process the day I just had. It’s not going to help me to process the past week or day any faster. It will just give my spirit more to process.

I have enough to process anyway, that’s why it feels like everything overwhelms my spirit.

I just need quiet.

I just need rest.

I don’t know what this life looks like, but knowing I want to reach my God-given abundant life is more than enough.


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