Just A Reminder: Making the Journey..

making the journeyyyHey friends, new and old!

I wanted to remind everyone. That we are doing a new study that will lead us up to Easter (just past Easter, actually). It is a time of just preparing our hearts and offering ourselves to God. And, this series begins this Sunday!!

If you haven’t ordered your journal yet, there is still time to join in. You will want to head over to Amazon, to check out this journal.

The Journey Journal

It’s precious.

It’s affordable ($6).

And, it lasts for eight whole weeks.

Plenty of writing space.

Even a day devoted to reflecting and applying what you are learning, as you take a fresh look at these Psalms.

Where Do I Find It?

It can be found in many places (CreateSpace, etc), but most of you will choose to order from Amazon. So, I am only sharing the Amazon link.

Also if there is so much more you want to know about our study, let me redirect you to the original post I shared a few weeks ago. In this post, it shares what exactly our purpose is behind this study.

Join Us, Friends!

Book or not, I do hope you will join us.
Again, it begins this Sunday, where we will begin to dive into the Psalms of Ascent one step … Psalm at a time. Won’t you consider staying tuned in, and join me on this wonderful journey of understanding these precious Psalms that are steps to help us in our journey?

Have a blessed day!




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