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Matthew 7: Selecting the Sacred

“Don’t give precious things to dogs. Don’t cast your pearls
before swine. If you do, the pigs will trample the pearls with
their little pigs’ feet, and then they will turn back
and attack you(Mt. 7:6, VOICE).”

As soon as we begin reading Matthew 7, we are met with this realization that we need to utilize standards. God-given standards. We need standards of grace and right living, if we want to receive that kind of critique from others (see Mt. 7:1-2). People are imitators by nature. This is why scaffolding is such a highlight in the education department. We are taught that others repeat what they see, the same is true when it comes to issuing judgment: “What we do to others, will be done to us (vv. 12).”

God-Given Standards

Scripture makes it clear that the sacred is not reserved for animals. If we give the sacred to the unworthy, it is like tossing these things in the trash. Instead, we are called to be in prayer and allow God to set our standards.

“Just ask and it will be given to you; seek after it
and you will find. Continue to knock and
the door will be opened for you (vv. 7).”

In verse 6, we learn that… things treasured by us aren’t treasured by everyone. We know that there are those who trample over the truths of Jesus found in God’s Word and seek to attack it any opportunity they get.

Bottom line for us as believers, we need to choose the sacred. We need to choose Jesus. We need to allow God to cultivate the standards that we have for our lives. We need to make God’s Word our solid foundation, by simply being with Him and taking the time to allow His Word to get in our spirits – even beginning the work of our transformation given to us by God through His Holy Spirit.

Application: Choosing Sacredness…

When I consider this verse, it is home-hitting. How often have I squandered the things meant for God, and given them away to just anyone?

Know Your Treasure

The first step lies in valuing the sacred. These are the things of God. We need to hold them closer than anything else. God, His Word, prayer, His Church, and His commandments. We need to hold them close! And, know the value of what you hold close. When we know the value, we won’t toss the sacred to pigs who don’t know its worth.

Wisely Decide

When I think of this verse, it makes me hesitate my life decisions. I need to think and pray, not run to just… whatever. Whether it is a guy, new friend opportunity, or something else. I need to keep Jesus closer. Keep His plans and promises closer than anything else. The real worth is in His, and I can’t keep giving away to sacred (time, talents, thoughts, emotions) to whatever comes my way. I need to know the worth of my Savior, and let Him fully direct my decisions!

How about you? Where do you find yourself today?

In Closing….

I encourage you read the Word of God, pray (talk with Him), and begin handing over the contains of your life. Maybe, God has given you time – but you have squandered it on the things of this world. Perhaps, you have tossed your God-given standards out the window over a friend/family. Begin giving it over to Him.

In verses 13-27, we are reminded that Jesus wants us to meet Him one day in heaven. He wants us to avoid the road of death, and keep choosing the sacred (Him) over the things of this day – the sinful things. We need to resolve to keep choosing Jesus. We need to keep pursuing the sacred, over the sin we are tempted by.

We need to allow God’s standards to be the foundation for our lives!


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