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Announcement: New Bible Study!

Hey friends!

I wanted to let you know about something that is coming up right here at Gracefully Overcoming. I have come out with a Bible Study Journal. It’s new to the public, even though it is something I have had in my possession for a few months. So, I am excited to share with you my hope for this study as well as the content of the study. Bare with me, as I quite possibly enter a rabbit trail of sharing this new Bible study with you all.

The Journal Itself

making the journeyyyThis is an 8 week study on the Psalms of Ascents (120-134)

Each week, we will have:

  • – A Weekly Memory Verse
  • – A Weekly Question
  • – A Day Set Aside for Reflection

    Each Friday (or 5th day), my hope is that we would sit before the Lord poring over what God has shown us all week long. This is the portion of our study, where we will intentionally reflect on our weekly scripture and pray out the things God is showing us.

Plenty of writing space, using a new study method. The goal is to help us to learn what kind of questions to ask, as we study God’s Word

A Lenten Study

For the Lenten season, I want to take us on a journey. Like the Israelites, we have our own spiritual pilgrimage – as we seek out Jesus. For many Christians, those 40 days leading up to Easter is an amazing time of seeking out God – as we prepare our hearts to gain a deeper understanding of God’s character, His undefinable love for us, and the power we find through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For me, this is what Lent represents: It’s a season of preparing my heart and desiring to draw closer to my Savior Jesus! 

The Truth

Despite everything that can pull us away, we can keep seeking Jesus with all of our being. I proposed a challenge to us this Lenten season.

To take aside these next few weeks, and sing the psalms God has given us – for such a journey.

Worship Through the Psalms

In our Bibles, God has gifted us with beautiful songs that help us to cry out to God. I want to see us come together, as a community, and begin to utilize these worship tools we have been given. In this eight week Bible study, we will cover Psalm 120-134.

Meeting Together

As we begin to do our own individual Bible study with this specially designed journal, I want us to “meet” together once a week – to share how God is speaking to us through these worship songs. God will meet us here, as we seek after His face and set off on a new part of our journey – to seek to draw nearer to our Savior and enter His Presence on a more intimate level than ever before.

Won’t you consider joining me?


For those who wish to join me, you can find our schedule below:

Feb. 14 – Psalm 120-121
Feb. 21- Psalm 122-123
Feb. 28 – Psalm 124-125
March 6 – Psalm 126-127
March 13 – Psalm 128-129
March 20 – Psalm 130
March 27 – Psalms 131-132:10
April 3 – Psalms 132:11-18, 133-134

There will at least one post popping in your inbox (if you are on my email list…) each Sunday evening, which will feature a devotion to help us wrap our hearts and minds around the truths God is teaching us – as we learn how to praise Him using His Holy Word to be our guide.

Here is the Amazon link: Making the Journey: Singing Along the Road Towards God

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