Heaven – Styled Rest

My soul longs for Heaven-styled rest.

In Heaven, we experience the kind of rest our soul’s long for. It is a place of tranquility. Once we receive our welcome into the pearly gates with Jesus’ nail-pierced hands reaching out for ours, we will understand what peace and rest truly are.

In Scripture

… we are reminded that Jesus is where rest can be found. It is in Him we learn what rest truly means for our bodies and souls.

Have we met our Savior Jesus’s kind of rest for our souls?

It is what He has to offer us on this very day. While it is true that Heaven is where we find supreme rest, we don’t have to wait until then to be given rest.

In the book of Matthew, we receive these words from Jesus Himself.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Mt. 11:28, VOICE).”

He Promises…

The very Son of God, Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, promises to provide us with the one thing we all seek: Rest.

Where have we turned for rest? We might have become like the sheep who have “turned aside to their own way” (see Is. 53:4-6) for a bit, but Jesus promises to give us Heaven-styled rest if we will place our trust in Him.

Invite Jesus to be your place of true rest, today!


Lord Jesus, I pray You would help me to accept Your Heaven-styled rest. Forgive me for how I have tried to seek rest in other things. Help me to turn fully to You, so I may receive You and the rest You alone provide. Amen.