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Isaiah 40:31: Finding Strength

One of the many reason I love Bible Gateway, is their uncompromising ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through the different ways they translate the Bible. It is through Bible Gateway, that I came across the Voice translation.

“But those who trust in the Eternal One will regain their strength.
    They will soar on wings as eagles.
They will run—never winded, never weary.
    They will walk—never tired, never faint (Isaiah 40:31, VOICE).”

When we trust in God, the One who is pointed out as being the Eternal One, it is then that we regain our strength.

Anybody having a rough day? If so, this is for you.

Anyone feeling winded and tired? If so, this is for you too.

Trust in Him

Through the Strong’s Concordance, I get the opportunity to understand what this level of trust honestly is. The Hebrew word, qâvâh, is defined as binding oneself and tarrying (to stay alongside Jesus). It is used to describe the kind of relationship we can have with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

  • How have we tarried (to stay) with our Lord Jesus?
  • What if we took the time to linger in His Awesome Presence today?

The Promise

We are promised that when we “wait upon the Lord,” our strength comes to us. This is not ordinary strength, but the supernatural strength given to us by our Lord Himself!

Today, I am reminded that…

God is perfect in all His ways (see Ps. 18:30). Not only is He perfect, He offers Himself as a refuge to those in need!

No matter where you find yourself today, cling to our Savior and know He is the One who offers to you His strength today. Accept Him for all He is, and let Him be your refuge. Your strong tower. The One who is able and longs to be your Sustenance.


Lord Jesus, Thank You that I can spend today lingering in Your Presence and learning what it means to trust You. Help me to not rush our time spent together. Provide my family and friends the strength they need today. In all our ways, help us to acknowledge You and the strength You readily provide! Amen.



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My name is Stacey. This is my favorite space on the web. Gracefully Overcoming has become my outlet as I learn to cope with multiple chronic illnesses. It is where my trials and faith in Christ come together.


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