Matthew 1

Read Matthew 1.

Through Jesus’ birth, we learn that God truly is with us.

He has chosen to come in such a way that… He reveals something.

His love.

God reveals His love for us.

God has come in such a way, that He is pouring out just how much He loves us. Through – and – through, His love is present for us (and friends, His love is never ending). His actions reveal just how much He loves His beloved creation – us!

His Love

He loves us to such a great extent – He enters our world. The One He Himself has made for us to live in.

Messy People

One of the things I notice, is just how God uses the messy lives of others to bring Christ into the world. These people’s stories, are just so crazy and far from holy. Still, God uses them. Just like He chooses to love and use us – inviting us to be with Him, join Him, and see the handiwork of His hands.

In some crazy way, He uses broken people like us. It is because of that love!

If He did not love the broken, He certainly would not have chosen them as His earthly family.

People like – Tamar and Rahab alone had stories (see Genesis 38:14-19, Joshua 2:1) that would send the religious running for their lives, but He still chose to use someone like them.

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