Learning to Manage My Heart in Trials

Trials on a Tuesday is a weekly series that focuses on a topic relating to trials, and how we can glorify God in the midst of hard times.
Trials on a Tuesday is a weekly series that focuses on a topic relating to trials, and how we can glorify God in the midst of hard times.

Everything we have discussed thus far, in Trials on a Tuesday, can be summed up by discussing the condition of our heart (complaining and walking in silence).

What is going on in our hearts?

Scripture signifies that what happens in our hearts, is of great significant.

Heart Versus Spirit

I am not referring to our physical heart that continues to pump blood and keep us alive. I am referring to our spiritual heart. Our spirit. What is going on in our spirit? There, that probably sounds a bit better.

Our spirit is of great significance. In our spirit, this is where life is found. Our spirit lives forever (one way or another, they still live forever.) The question is not “if they will…,” but “how will we manage our spirits?”

Remembering What Scripture Has Taught Us

In Proverbs 4, we find these words that give meaning to the struggle.

  • To keep the faith.
  • To resist complaining (though it has its purpose in our suffering to help us get closer to God).
  • To somehow keep walking in this life with a restored hope – found only in Christ.

My problem? I don’t always remember this particular set of verses. I mean, sure it’s a familiar verse. But, this is where knowledge steps in and wisdom skips a step. I can know a verse, but it’s learning to take the words to heart, so that it may serve as an edifying tool to help me in my struggle against sin and temptation.

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life (4:23, NLT).”

How well guarded is your heart?

Last week, I mentioned something. Something significant that can stir our hearts. We need to become people who operate with self-control. We need a filter through which we live. This scripture points out that where our hearts go, that’s how our lives are chosen.

One more thing:

Whoever said “follow your heart,” they got it wrong. Following the desires of our hearts can lead us off the road with our car upside down, sometimes. Likewise, if we were to follow our hearts, our spirits would be upside-down from where they should be.

Why is the content of my heart such a concern to you?

When our heart is left unguarded, we are inviting our old life to come back to us.

The bitterness.
The conceit.
The nonstop complaining.
The gossip.
The hatred.
The discord.

… And, much more.

Today, I really just wanted to focus on concerning ourselves with the contents of our hearts. Do we really realize the danger of operating without a filter? Without guarding our heart, much bad things come into our spirits and lives. We can become consumed with everything else going on in our lives, that we forget to take care of our spirits. Taking care of our spirits needs to be number one, along with our time with Jesus.

How can you take care of your spiritual needs, today? God has only given us one, and has given us tools to take care of our spirits.


By Gracefully Overcoming

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