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For the Love of December (And, the Sale of “Grace Leads”)

I am thinking about taking a hiatus. Until the beginning of 2016. So if you begin missing me, friends, consider picking up a copy of “Grace Leads” to support this blog.

Your Support is Important!

Your support of the work God leads me to do, is how this blog continues on. Without your support, I can’t afford to do certain things – like have my own domain (which makes it easier to find my blog) or avoid plastering ads all over Gracefully Overcoming like others have to do, in order to keep their blogs up and running.

The BIG Sale

Consider purchasing this Bible study, for you or a friend.

Grace Leads is on SALE for the Kindle Edition, for the next month. While I am away, you get to play… Grace Leads can be YOURS for the low price of $2.99.

And, just for you all…

Grace Leads, in print, is now available for $6.50. Order a copy or two for those you love this Christmas season!

Blog: Next Few Weeks

In the next few weeks, my hope is to simply catch up on posts – so each thing I post is extremely intentional. I don’t want to risk choosing to keep a schedule, over making sure the devotions are intentional and lead us to the truth on the most personal level.

 The goal is, and has always been, to strike the heart with the Gospel and truths of Jesus Christ.

Let’s be intentional, as we walk through each day of our lives. The only post that will continue this month – is “Choosing Jesus”. I want to continue to become a person of greater spiritual discipline where I am choosing Jesus on an increasing basis. I want to see more of Jesus in my life, my community, and to allow Him to pore over each area of my life.

Want more of Gracefully Overcoming this month, there are plenty of posts here to keep one occupied. Here are a few options.

Book Reviews

Godly Living


Grace Leads, Your Sampler

Ohh yeah, and if you want a sneak peak of “Grace Leads”. Click here for your glimpse into the world of this study on the amazing grace of our loving God!

Now, don’t forget!

This deal is JUST for the month of December, so get yours, today!


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