Choosing Jesus: Choosing Transformation


One of the rules I want my life to be governed by, is a life of participating in Sabbath. Its benefits far exceed its risks of maintaining an overly busy lifestyle. This is a choice I make. Some weekends, that choice is more difficult to maintain. But, it is still a choice.

In Order to See God

… work in my life, I have to allow God to infiltrate the choices and habits we maintain in our daily lives.

This is the time of year, where we all seem to reevaluate the lives we lead. Are they lives of spiritual success, where we have made concrete decisions to follow Jesus through the choices and habits we have formed this year?


… are such “rules” for living needed?

the choices we make.
the habits we cultivate.

… can bring us closer to Jesus Christ and the transformation we experience in Him!

These decisions and habits, Calhoun in Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, describes as a rule for life. These things we make the decision to do, ensure our spiritual success.

We need to start to implement these influential disciplines into our lives, and allow God to bring the fruit from such choices, habits, and actions.

These choices and habits allow us to draw closer to Christ and join God like never before. “The spiritual practices of a rule provide a way to partner with the Holy Spirit for personal transformation (p. 35).”


The choices and habits we form today, help us to reach where we want to go tomorrow or next year. Calhoun encourages his readers to “take stock of your desires, natural rhythms, limits, and times of closest connection to God.” This is great advice, because these choices and habits we cultivate will bring us closer to God.

It’s in these places that God can work, the greatest, as we give ourselves more wholly to Him.

Some examples of these choices and habits can include:

  • Beginning our morning in prayer.
  • Confessing our sins before bed.
  • Honoring God, by spending the first part of our day exercising physically and spiritually. I tend to exercise when I first wake up, and focus my attention to talking with God and working out the difficult things in my life. That is my time of giving them to God, while I am physically exercising.
  • Staying engaged in the Word of God and community of other believers.
  • Surrendering wandering thoughts to God. (see p. 37-38 for more)


Think about your life right at this moment, how can we begin to give more of ourselves to our beloved Savior? We need to consider how God wants to help us grow in our relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. Let’s be intentional, because we know all too often this whole “failing to plan, planning to fail” has played out in some area of our lives.

Two Questions

  • What concept of following Jesus are we most wrestling with? Perhaps. honoring the Sabbath (free of social media), daily in the Word of God, or reaching reconciliation with other believers.
  • How can God begin to allow us to experience a personal transformation, as we apply His Word?


We need to “pay attention to the experiences, practices, and relationships that draw [us] toward God (p.37).” Let’s be intentional in continuing to seek God, so we don’t ever risk reaching a spiritual plateau.

When we seek to become physically healthy, we are aware of the risk and watch for it. We need to do that when it comes to our relationship with God.!

Though physical health is important, our relationship with God far exceeds the importance of monitoring ourselves against a physical plateau.

How can we keep watch over our spirits, to make sure we keep growing and becoming more consistent in our relationship with Jesus?

If we want to grow spiritually, we need to consider our choices and habits that are in place today – and what we would like to no longer see in our lives. We need to be proactive, and begin to surrender these areas to God today. Let’s not delay.

This week, starting with Sabbath, let’s place ourselves in Christ’s Presence deliberately and see what additions and subtractions we need to be making in our lives. Let the Holy Spirit be the One to lead you, in your choices and habits. Let Him begin to govern more of your life through developing God-honoring habits.



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