Trials Tuesday: Eternally Rich

Eternally Rich

There is much to be unpacked with our next single Scripture in James, chapter 1 (verse 9). Let’s take these next few weeks to see where God takes us, as we discover who we are in Him and why our spiritual position is so much more important than the stuff we face in our daily lives.

A Christian brother who is poor should be glad: he is in a high place now he is a Christian. (James 1:9, WE)

This is one of those Scriptures we, as trial overcomers, cannot miss! God, who is rich, has given us an irrevocable place in His Kingdom We have been raised up with Christ.

While we may face hard days while here on earth, we are given an irrevocable position in Christ. We are given something that money cannot buy.

We are “made… spiritually rich (NCV).”

We are to “celebrate the fact that God has raised you up (VOICE).”

If our lives seem like they don’t “amount to much in this world should be glad, for [we are] great in the Lord’s sight (TLB).”

“… find satisfaction in their high status (CEB).”

“[H]he thinks so highly of them… (CEV)”

Study on Position

Before we can begin to dig into a James 1:9 study, answer this one question. What circumstance or trial are you facing right now?

Recite the Scripture for today aloud. James 1:9.

Write out the Scripture, using your favorite Bible translation.

One commentator adds this note:
“Materially poor believers should derive joy from focusing their thinking on their spiritual riches.” (Constable)

In order to reach this glorious place of joy, we have to know our spiritual riches. We need to know what waits for us at right hand of God. We need to really understand our spiritual position. So, that’s what today’s focus is on.

  • Read Colossians 3:1-2.
    • Where is our focus to be?
    • Why does this Scripture tell us we can set our minds on things above (that is, in Heaven)?


  • Read Colossians 3:3-4.
    • Where is our lives to be ‘hidden’?
    • Why is it our lives can be hidden with Christ?
    • What has Christ done to secure our eternal position?
    • In verse 4, we are taught that Christ is our life’. How has Christ become your life?


  • In your daily life, how have you noticed that inward wrestling for the exchange of which you place more emphasis on – the temporary versus eternal?

More next time, right here, at Gracefully Overcoming, as we learn to become trial overcomers and Kingdom-dwellers.



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