Trials Tuesday: Wrestling Doubt

Wrestling Doubt

Last week, we began to study James 1:6-8. In this portion of Scripture, we have to “deal” with a few things before we can move on. The first of which, is the doubt we may wrestle – when we bring our needs and requests to our great God.


We need to realize how we have been stuck. In verse 6, we are described as in this storm. We are in a storm, because of the doubt that has replaced our live – active faith. Before we can expect to grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus, the Christ, we have to eliminate the distractions. We have to stop wavering and “be still and know [He] is God” (see Ps. 46:1). Now, it is not something we can do in our own strength. It is only something that happens, because of God.


He is the very reason that we can overcome such doubt and have a seed of faith planted in its place – in greater proportions. God can move us from doubt to faith, and allow His Spirit to finally lead the way – regardless of what our circumstances are. He is the One who has the potential to govern our lives, if we will take the trust away from our circumstances and put our trust in Him instead!

We have to make the choice to turn from trusting our circumstances, to trusting our God. God stands ready to give us the strength to do such a thing!

While we may be in the realizing phase now, that we have doubted God, it is not as though we are stuck until we “fix ourselves”. We have the Most High God on our side, acting on our behalf!

Who is This God?

He is the One who lifts us up, even when we struggle with doubt on a daily basis. All we have to do is come and call on Him. Do you remember how Peter asked Jesus to allow him to walk on water too? If you haven’t read the Scripture (or it’s been a while), head over to Matthew 14:22-33.

If Peter can waver (which we know he did, see Mark 14:66-72), then we can also. It is a part of our human condition. We have been born into sin, because of what happened in the Garden of Eden.

Yet, God has come to redeem us from such a life… Instead, we are invited to experience all God has in store for us! In order to reach those things God wants to bless us with, we have to be willing to begin trusting Him.

Taking Our Cues from Peter

Peter in this circumstance, serves as a godly example. May this be a time of studying, to get closer to our Savior Jesus and remember we can rise above our doubting tendencies. Not because of us. But, the God we serve – who is mightier than we could ever imagine.

Study Questions for Matthew 14:22-33

  1. Peter prays. He asks Jesus to let him come out on the water in verse 28. What did he say?
  2. Search those words. Based on his words, what was Peter’s motives for his request?
  3. As Peter begins to live out his granted request, his focus goes somewhere. Where does Peter turn his attention?
  4. Peter’s first, sinking, words, what were they?
  5. What happened to Peter?
  6. How does this testify to God’s Awesome Power?
  7. How have you doubted God?
  8. How has God “shown up” to display His power to you?

We may doubt in our requests to God, but He is far greater. We need to get alone to be with our Savior, and consider the doubting we do – that comes between us and God. What is causing us to doubt God?

It is time to put God at the top of our list, and just dwell with Him for a while. Take time this week, to really consider why you might be doubting.

Meditation: In one of your most recent, sacred, prayer requests, how have you honestly wrestled with doubt? It doesn’t matter if it is “just a hint” of doubt. Begin to commune with God, and search it out!