Truth in Trials

Trials Tuesday: Wavering Faith

James 1.6-8

Have you ever asked God for something? Chances are, you have. I think we all have a moment where we stop in our tracks with today’s verse. Before we get there, let’s review. As we walk through this study on the book of James, I don’t want us to miss anything.

This is too good to be missed!

God’s wisdom is what makes the difference, when undergoing our trials. Scripture promises us two things that I want to highlight. 1) God promises to work everything out for those who love God 2) God can turn our trials into something beautiful! (see Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 61:1-3)

Open your Bible (or app) to James 1:6-8.

Today’s Scripture could easily be passed by, in any daily reading plan. Why? Because, it shares the hard truth. When we ask God for something, then doubt, it reveals a deeper issue – we aren’t willing to trust God.

In the King James Version, it reads: “Ask in faith, nothing wavering.” This word wavering, means “to withdrawal”. When we begin to doubt, we begin to withdrawal from our heavenly Father. It is a real honest-to-God struggle.

But, I am not the only one…
You are not the only one…

… with this battle.

While we aren’t alone, we have to deal with our sin. Yes, sin. Sin is what it is called when we disobey God – and it actually causes us to be separated from God. Our Creator. The One we were made for.

Why Do I Doubt?

One might question why we would ever begin to doubt God, knowing and experiencing Him like we have. Let’s begin to explore today’s passage of Scripture, shall we?

God, through His servant James, describes the person as one who seems like they are in a storm (see v. 6). They go one way, then another, then another… Sound like your prayer life, at all? We place something lovingly in God’s hands, then remove it from those same loving hands God has used to carry us.

Spiritually confused could describe such a person, according to EasyEnglish translation when it states:

“A person like that never knows what to do. He is confused. He does not know what to think. He should not think he will get anything from the Lord (vv. 7-8).”

Other straight forward translations, remind us that such a person is double-minded (vv. 8). This is the hard, yet truthful reality. When we begin to doubt, we are actually turning away from God and showing a distrust in Him.

Here’s the truth to cling to: We need to “believe… that God IS; that he has all good; and that he is ever ready to impart to his creatures whatever they need (Clarke).”

Faith and doubt are opponents on separate teams.

If we are busy doubting God, we won’t have the time to trust. We cannot doubt God and trust Him at the same time. We have to go all in, my friends. We have to learn what it means to honestly trust God – even if it looks scary at times.

We need to turn to God, as our Companion and the One looking out for us. There is freedom in trusting God. I recently went to the altar at church to lay down an issue I have in my life. I can’t begin to express just how freeing it is – to finally surrender and trust God with something that has been weighing me down, when it didn’t have to.

Consider this our “altar call”.

How can you begin to point to ways you have doubted God? Begin with one to two things. Stop there, and begin to talk with God about this. Asking for His forgiveness and help is essential. We need to right with God, and keep moving forward with Him. We need to “remain in Him” as we learned on Sunday.

Activity for this week: Begin to remind yourself who God says He is (through His Word, the Bible).

Spending time in prayer – talking with God is the most important step in learning to trust God. He knows what He is doing, we just have to learn that.

Lord, everything is a mess right now. I can’t seem to do what is right. Take over, Lord. Give me Your grace and strength. Help me to trust You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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