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Seeking Holiness - A Study on 1 Thess 4

Last week, an unintentional post went through to kick off our study on 1 Thessalonians 4. So, today, we are going to be talking about intentionality. Not in learning to remember about a scheduled blog post. We are going to talk about intentionality within the family of God. Let’s review a statement made last week, shall we? You can view the post in the link above for the part 1 of the teaching. This is just to get us started.

“This group of godly men were calling upon the church of the Thessalonians, to help them along in their faith. Their goal wasn’t to cast blame, but to comfort the church to walk in the way of the Lord.

The Church is meant to be “one big happy family.” It is the real deal! While we may have dysfunction in our earthly families, this is not to be the case with our spiritual family. Jesus, in Matthew 19:6, reminds us that God has joined us together. Though He is speaking specifically about marriage, the same truth applies here as well. Only there is one phrase we can’t miss at the end of this verse – so let’s look at the whole thing.

“So they are no longer two, but one. God has joined them together, so no one should separate them (Mt. 19:6, ERV).”

We aren’t to be separated, as a church. God’s will isn’t for there to be division in the Church. This reflects the worldly ways, not God’s ways. In God’s kingdom, we can have relationships where what was broken – has now been reconciled! God can build bridges to the disconnect (or rough patches) in our relationships within the Church. He has come, so that we will be joined together. Just take a look at Ephesians 2:14, for a glimpse.

What God has joined together, let no man separate.” We need to consider how these relationships have been divided, and the restoration God wants to do in our relationships. God wants to bless through our relationships within the Church! It is made possible, because of our new foundation.

New Foundation

We are given a brand new foundation. Ephesians 2:19 reminds us that we aren’t strangers, but we are “fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.” Our foundation is built upon the truths God has given us and the love of our Savior. It is built on nothing else. We have been joined together, with Christ as our centerpiece (see Eph. 2:20). Without Jesus Christ as our foundation, our relationships would be shaky at best.

This is what makes the difference in our relationships within the Church. We need to remember Christ is our rock-solid-foundation!

Mutual Decision

In our relationships with our brethren (other Christ followers), there is a mutual decision that needs to be made.

We need to choose to allow others into our lives to speak His truth. We need to allow those relationships the space to be open about the contents of our lives – in order to work toward pursuing Christ all the more. Jesus is to be the foundation of our relationships within the family of God!

There are five questions to consider this week –

  1. How are we making an effort to build relationships with our spiritual family – those who have placed their trust in Jesus and are following Him?
  2. How are we allowing others into our lives to speak the truth of God?
  3. How is the truth they speak, lining up with the Word of God – the Bible?
  4. How are we pursuing honesty and unity in these relationships?

We need to consider the kind of relationships we have within the family of God. In the church, we need to reach out to other Christ-followers and make sure we are pursuing unity and speaking truth into one another’s lives. We can’t live in a place where we allow those relationships suffer, because we will not allow ourselves to be accountable to our Christian brothers and sisters.


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