Truth in Trials

Trials Tuesday: Good Things Found (James 1:2-5)

Trials Tuesday - Good Things Found - James 1.2-5

Read: James 1:2 – 5

Trials are meant for our good. We know this, at least mentally. They are good for us. Character building. But, one thing I have noticed is this – trials are exhausting. Aren’t they? Scripture doesn’t tell us that they are easy. They are hard. There are good things that accompany them, though. Looking at our past trials and the outcome, can help us in the now – with our current trials.

When we have seen where God has taken us, it can help us to endure what we are going through.

Question 1 ~ Have you noticed the fruit that has accompanied your past trials?

If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry! I have brought with me some examples. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the good in the bad. But, we can. We can, because God is with us!

He will never abandon us – no matter how bad things seem to get…

Question 2 ~ What are some good things we can find in our trials?

Trials do three things for us –

  • show us where our faith truly is.
    • Where have I placed my daily trust – God versus things/people?
  • help us see the mask we need to take off, so that we can see our relationship with God in Jesus Christ in its truest form.
    • How have I purposely invested in the relationship I have with my Creator and Savior?
  • realize our need for our Savior.
    • How is it causing me to depend upon my God, and live out the trust I have in Him?

Not only are we tested, God’s loyalty to us becomes very evident. Like an onion, our outer layer falls off. And, we are left with the true sustenance. The raw material that make up who we are – as a person.

Question 3 ~ Which of these three spiritual characteristics relate to your most current trial? Did you discover…

A – Where your faith truly was. For myself, trials help me to recognize that my trust in God – is an area where I need to deliberate seek growth. I need to place my trust in my Savior and Deliverer – and allow Him to be my strength. It has taught me to keep trusting God, even when the waters get deep.

B – You had a mask to take off, to really see your relationship with God with fresh eyes. This one is a little harder to explain. One way of doing so, is removing the blinders. In trials, sometimes the distractions fade and we can gain a clearer perspective. In trials, we see our relationship with God for what it is. It helps us to identify parts of our relationship with God in Christ – that need our attention.

C – Caused you to realize your need for Jesus Christ as your Redeemer? Trials cause us to recognize our need for God. We finally realize we can’t do this alone, and came willingly submitting to God – to lead the way. It causes a change in us, through our trials, and helps us to redefine our relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord.

This is why trials can be celebrated. No other reason than the good work God does – while we are enduring trials.

My Father examines every branch in Me and cuts away those who do not bear fruit. He leaves those bearing fruit and carefully prunes them so that they will bear more fruit (Jn 15:2, VOICE).

Next week, we will discuss what truth treasures we find in James 1:2-5. Stay tuned!

~ Stacey

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