Dressing Modestly on Halloween

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How do you dress modestly for Halloween? This is a question I am posing at this moment. I don’t want to illicit a response where we post our passionate “yes” and “no” responses when it comes to what we (or you) do on the 31st of October. Nearly every Christian is either passionately “for” or “against” things like holding a Harvest Festival or showing generosity by handing out candy to the children within your God-given community. Halloween is an opportunity to be considerate of one another (see Eph. 4:32), even as we hold different views.

“Those of us who belong to the Anointed One have crucified our old lives and put to death the flesh and all the lusts and desires that plague us. Now since we have chosen to walk with the Spirit, let’s keep each step in perfect sync with God’s Spirit.  This will happen when we set aside our self-interests and work together to create true community instead of a culture consumed by provocation, pride, and envy (Gal. 5:24-26, VOICE).”


… is something to consider. If you serve at your home church on the 31st of October (or do something else), you might dress differently than you would otherwise. It might even add to our Christian witness as we serve during a harvest festival.

While we might opt to dress up, how do we do it?

One important factor is remembering the need for modesty.

You are still you, and a child of God – if you have placed your trust and hope in His beloved Son Jesus Christ (see Galatians 3:26).

If you are one who is considering “dressing up” for Halloween, what are you planning to wear? We need to contemplate our motives in how we choose to honor God through what we wear. There is no question, we will stand out. But, what can we do to maximize the opportunities we are given, on Halloween?

The question is not “if” we will stand out, but how we can shine for Jesus Christ and share His joy in these moments? (see Psalm 100:2; Matthew 5:16)

I am one who doesn’t like to stand out (in terms of attention). But, I do want to maximize my time of serving to impact the Kingdom of God. For a lot of folks, this is why we do what we do on Halloween. A costume might, even become an opportunity to shine brighter – as I interact with those who come to the booth where I am serving.

Halloween, for some, is an opportunity to dress more provocatively than they generally do. If you go to a costume shop, for an overpriced costume, you will likely meet things that might not be considered modest.

A Few Questions…

Before we reach the questions, let’s think about the importance of modesty. What is our goal? Refer back to our opening Scripture – to keep in step with God and focus on our community of believers. We want to honor God, and utilize the opportunities He gives us.

For both sexes, we can relate to the struggle in keeping pure thoughts (see Philippians 4:8). We don’t need anyone’s help in this area. So this Halloween, let’s make wise choices to help each other in our struggles against the flesh. My suggestion questions applies to both sexes – you will find them listed below.

  1. Is it God honoring?
  2. Are the important areas of my body covered up?
  3. Are my clothes tight?
  4. How revealing would my shirt be, if I raised my arms?

When in doubt, ask a Christian brother or sister who can help you stand for modesty – in what you choose to wear.


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