New Series: The Power of Spiritual Disciplines

Choose Jesus

I have been reflecting on choices that could have radically changed my life. A choice, turned into another, and another, and… Well, you get the point.

When we make deliberate choices to seek and honor God with our lives, unbelievable things happen!

How much spiritual and relational growth do I want to see by my 30th birthday? (Wow! Am I really getting that old?) That is two years away. How different do I want to be? To think about how different, better, my life could be – is inspiring. Why? Because, I want to be a better me. In order to become a better me, I need to follow the words and resolve God gave John the Baptist.

He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30, ESV).

But, if I may, I love the picture on display when I read John’s statement in a more contemporary language.

He, the groom, must take center stage; and I, the best man, must step to His side (VOICE).

My Hope

To live a changed life, I think Sabbath is an important component of that. When we take Sabbath, our focus is shifted back to God. We get into a rhythm of spiritual growth and deliberate – intentional seeking. Beginning this week, I want to begin to utilize spiritual disciplines. They were given to us, to help our relationship with our Creator to prosper. We need to begin really nourishing our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

For the next 62 months, that’s a little over a year, I want to focus on one spiritual discipline per a week. I will be doing this, as I slowly go through a neglected book that has sat on the shelf for most of my ownership. This is something that can serve as a catalyst.

To fuel our relationship with Jesus.

It will fuel much of the rest of our lives, too.

It would change our lives.


I want my relationship with Jesus Christ to be changed for the better. How about you? This is choosing to intentionally seeking God each day – and week, as I apply biblical truths to my life and the way I spend my weekends on Sabbath.

Coming Soon –

With each week, my hope is to post a little bit from the readings before the Sabbath begins. For example: Perhaps tomorrow (or Friday), I will post a little bit from the section on “celebration,” which is the first discipline we will begin looking at. I will be using on the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook. If anyone wants to join me on this journey of intentional spiritual, emotional, and whole self growth, I encourage you to grab a copy of this book. Each week, we will focus on one discipline and go through the book to see how we can activate these disciplines in our lives.

How can we grow this next 62 months? We need to develop tools, to help us in our relationship with our Savior. Spiritual disciplines, including setting aside Sabbath, are part of these tools. Let’s begin unwrapping His gifts!


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