MMS – Temporary

MMSFor the month of October, I am joining many bloggers in a challenge to write every single day for 31 days. I learned about this challenge through another challenge I participate in most weeks. The “Five Minute Friday” challenge is going to expand to last the whole month! Each entry, will be five minutes unedited of writing on a particular theme – found on Kate’s blog.Today’s theme is “temporary.”

What is Temporary?

Something that cannot last forever. That’s what temporary means. The thing about it is, though, our circumstances feel anything but temporary. There have been multiple occasions this past week or so, where I simply start compulsively breathing to stay calm.

Breathing helps.

In my season of overwhelmed by my circumstances, I am reminded of the need to simply breathe. As I breathe in, I need to take in Jesus. I need to let Him be the air I breathe. I need to let these breathing-focused-moments draw me near to my King.

What Helps?

In overwhelming moments, what helps you remember that it is all temporary? The Scriptures remind us that though our temporary bodies wear down, our spirits can be renewed. Jesus, can take my storm.. and use it. In the temporary things, we can be reminded that He is…

  • the King of all glory.
  • working on our behalf.
  • bringing eternal beauty to our lives.
  • building us up in our momentarily affliction.

The Crazy Thing About the Temporary Stuff

… is God’s work in it. It isn’t so much as the circumstances, as it is about the good work He is doing (and will continue to do, as we stay obedient and keep following Him) in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Keep your focus on eternity, not the temperal things.

So it comes down to this: since you have been raised with the Anointed One, the Liberating King, set your mind on heaven above. The Anointed is there, seated at God’s right hand. Stay focused on what’s above, not on earthly things… – Colossians 3:1-2, VOICE

Further Reading: 2 Cor. 4:16-18