MMS – Trust

MMSFor the month of October, I am joining many bloggers in a challenge to write every single day for 31 days. I learned about this challenge through another challenge I participate in most weeks. The “Five Minute Friday” challenge is going to expand to last the whole month! Each entry, will be five minutes unedited of writing on a particular theme – found on Kate’s blog.Today’s theme is “trust.”

How am I making decisions based on the trust I have in Jesus Christ? This is a serious question well-worth pondering.

When Decision-Making, Does Faith or Feelings Decide?

At times, we can allow our trust in our feelings to override the trust we have in our Savior. We can often feel much closer to our feelings than we do to our Savior, so in that aspect – it makes sense. But, our trust in Jesus needs to be greater.

We need to choose to make our decisions based on that trust – trusting in Jesus. How would we make a decision to sit in a chair, if we did not trust that when we sit – we won’t collapse to the floor? We probably wouldn’t make that decision a second time. The chair, would be thrown out instantly. Even if others deem it, as a safe choice for them. We know the Eternal One who has created all things. Others view of God, shouldn’t infect our trust in the Lord, our God. While the world may make its decisions based on their fleshly desires, let’s choose a different way. A God-centered way.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God (Ps. 20:7, NIV).

Our Relationship with God

In Isaiah 40, we read these words:

Who is able to advise the Spirit of the Lord?
    Who knows enough to give him advice or teach him?

Has the Lord ever needed anyone’s advice?

    Does he need instruction about what is good?

Did someone teach him what is right

    or show him the path of justice?

No, for all the nations of the world

    are but a drop in the bucket.

They are nothing more

    than dust on the scales.

He picks up the whole earth

    as though it were a grain of sand (13-15, NLT).

We need to remember that…. we are not God’s counselor. What would we have to offer Him? We need to trust Jesus in all of our decision-making, because we know the One in whom we have placed our trust. He will never fail us, as our emotions and other people often will. Jesus, the Christ, is the One we can always depend on. In fact, we are called to be completely dependent upon Jesus. We need to know our need for Him. Not just once, but daily.

The Growth Opportunity

How are you growing in your knowledge and acceptance of your need for Jesus Christ – as your Savior, Creator, Renewer, Sustainer, Companion, Counselor, Healer, Provider, and much more? What habits are you using to strengthen your trust in Christ?  Two worth mentioning for my own life – are….

  • Writing out Scriptures and meditating on their truths for my life.
  • Memorizing Scripture that reaffirms my trust can firmly be placed in Him.