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MMSFor the month of October, I am joining many bloggers in a challenge to write every single day for 31 days. I learned about this challenge through another challenge I participate in most weeks. The “Five Minute Friday” challenge is going to expand to last the whole month! Each entry, will be five minutes unedited of writing on a particular theme – found on Kate’s blog.Today’s theme is “purple.”

When I think of the color, purple, I think of something else. Fibromyalgia awareness. Purple is the color for Fibromyalgia awareness. There are a lot of passionate people whose wardrobes are painted purple.




It isn’t just a color for these people. It is something else. The color, purple, represents many who have suffered pain and hard times. The color, purple, is the reminder of what they have endured.

The color, purple, is anything but a color.

In the Bible

This color is another example where it is…

anything but a color…

Purple reflects honor.

A purple robe is taken off of Jesus, the Christ, during the time when the soldiers led Him to the cross. They stripped Him of His purple cloak, when their mocking was through. Purple reflects honor. It reflects Jesus’ rightful place as royalty – the King of Kings.

“Then they began to salute him: “Long live the King of the Jews!” They beat him over the head with a stick, spat on him, fell on their knees, and bowed down to Him. When they had finished making fun of Him, they took off the purple robe and put his own clothes back on Him. Then they led Him out to crucify Him (Mark 15:18-20).”


For a lot of people, it isn’t “just a color.”

It can mean different things, to different people.


What does the color purple mean to you? Does it hold significance in your life?

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