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MMS – Possible

MMSFor the month of October, I am joining many bloggers in a challenge to write every single day for 31 days. I learned about this challenge through another challenge I participate in most weeks. The “Five Minute Friday” challenge is going to expand to last the whole month! Each entry, will be five minutes unedited of writing on a particular theme – found on Kate’s blog.Today’s theme is “possible.”

When God Gives You a Dream

When God lays a dream on our heart, we can often wonder if that thing is even possible.

My question, for example, concerned a deep-seated desire for fellowship in a small group. It took years, before this came to fruition in my life. But, God took the impossible – making it possible.

God does the impossible.

When He leads us to something, we can know He will work it all out. Things might not turn out exactly like we dreamed. Still, God works it all out. The flaws in our living-out, have a God-given purpose.

God Does the Impossible.

While He takes the impossible and makes them possible, He takes people’s dreams of possibilities, and makes them impossible. Scripture talks about the danger of going ahead of God. Lacking knowledge of God’s will, places us in a dangerous place. This is the place where we seek our will, instead of His.

In these moments, we can be sure of one thing. Just as God takes the impossible converting it to the possible by His strength, He can take earthly possibilities deeming them impossible. Why? How? He is God, and cares deeply for us. We need to become people who seek after God and pursue His will and understanding for our lives.

“Where there is no understanding of the Word of the Lord, the people do whatever they want to, but happy is he who keeps the law (Proverbs 29:18; NLV).”

Knowing God

When we keep in step with God, following His leading, we avoid a lot of detours in our lives. When we follow His leading, we experience the greatest blessings.

Some of you say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to some city. We will stay there a year, do business, and make money.” But you do not know what will happen tomorrow! Your life is like a mist. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. So you should say, “If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that (James 4:13-15, ICB).”


When it comes to our lives, we need to consider our perspective. Have we rushed ahead of God making our own plans? Take a step back. Recognize who God is. Then, begin surrendering your plans to Him and seeking His guidance in prayer.


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