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Announcement: 31 Days of MMS

MMSMore than a few months ago, I put a rule in place.

No more than one blog post per a day.

I am about to make an exception to said rule. As a reviewer, I can’t promise or expect to only post once-a-day. It will be short lived, and on occasion (no more than twice a week) that there will be more than one post.

The Blogging Challenge

October is known as “Blogtober” by some. Each October, bloggers join together and blog for 31 straight days. 2015 is the first time I will actually participate in this challenge, and it has been really exciting to write about many different topics. I will be joining my “Five Minute Friday” gals for this challenge. The prompts are set up by Kate who runs the FMF challenge. Whatever comes to mind, is what I am writing on each day.

This blog site will be quiet for a few days, then you get 31 days with me.

Hope you all enjoy it, and get something out of it. The posts will start cruising through on Thursday. After October, I might even have a surprise or two as far as new posts go. We will just have to see what my Lord Jesus, the Christ, does between now and then, in terms of writing and His plans.

Be Blessed.



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