NIV Bible for Women (A BookLook Review)

niv bible for womenNIV Bible for Women is a Bible designed with the intent of helping women study the Bible and grow in their relationship with God. It is worth selecting, because it is God’s Word. While it does not have many features like other Bibles have (ie. NIV Bible for Teen Girls), it gives us what we need to study the Word of God.

Considering price and quality of the features, I would definitely recommend this Bible to women. Depending on the Bible, most can get very pricey. This one, however, is not. At the moment, it is priced at just above $20 on Amazon.


This edition of the Bible uses the New International Version. While it may be worded differently than other translations you are used to, it is a great – reliable translation to use in our quiet times and pursuit of going deeper in God’s Word. For more on NIV and translations, click here.

The features for this Bible include –

  • Table of Weights and Measures. This is a helpful feature that can be overlooked at times. It is helpful for helping us understand the Word of God. For example, the ark God led Noah to build was 300 cubics long. Based on this table, we can learn the ark was 25 feet long. (That is a really big ark!)
  • Devotions. There are over 250 devotions found in our Bible. This adds significantly to our Jesus time. We can read these sections alongside our Bible reading time. Or, use these devotions as food for our spirit. When we don’t know what to study, these devotions are perfect for steering us the way we should go.

Each devotion also includes a reflect and prayer section to help us study God’s Word. It doesn’t matter if this is our first Bible and we are completely new to His Word, or if we have been in the Word almost all of our lives. The devotions help us make personal applications and help us gain the wisdom we need to make the choices we need to make in our lives.

  • Myths. In our lives, we will face circumstances where we have to discern a myth from truth. In this Bible, there are 52 myth sections to help readers to understand what God’s Word says on different topics that we, as women, face.
  • Contributor Biographies. This section allows us to meet the women of God who were used in composing the Bible’s devotionals. Unlike other places, there are a variety of women who contributed to this Bible’s format. We aren’t given one or two women’s perspective on the Bible, but numerous women God has uniquely equipped and called for His good work.
  • Topical Index.From Abandonment to Your-life-story, we can find a number of important topics and immediate access to where to turn in our Bibles for God’s help.
  • Notes.This is a feature I haven’t noticed in my personal Bibles, but is of great value. We can write down things in the “Notes” section that might not fit anywhere else. Or, it could be used as a way to track important spiritual dates in your life. For example, the day you were baptized, or when God spoke an important message to you. These nine pages can be well-utilized to help us, in our relationship with God through His Son Jesus.

My Favorite Features

In terms of this Bible, I think the most valuable features for me personally are the devotions and myth sections. They add to the time spent in the Scriptures. They would be of great help to point us to God’s Word, to help us navigate circumstances. Using these features, as well as the others, help us to intentionally seek Christ and His will in each one of our circumstances and decisions.

As I close…

Let’s think about what it would mean for us to join other women of God, and allow them into our lives through relationships – to be drawn deeper into the heart of God.

As you dig deeper into the Word – joined in your journey by other female friends both from the fabric of your life and the pages of this book – the NIV Bible for Women will help you grow into the relational woman God created you to be (NIV Bible for Women).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through BookLook’s blogger review program, in exchange for a honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.