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When Loneliness Strikes…

Trials on a Tuesday is a weekly series that focuses on a topic relating to trials, and how we can glorify God in the midst of hard times.

What do you do when loneliness strikes, in the midst of a trial? This is not an exhaustive post. This is not a “how to fix your life in five easy steps.” This is me, a broken person reaching out to share my heart and hurts.

Loneliness hurts.
It is hard to feel alone.
Especially if you are lost in a sea of faces (highly recommend this song, btw).

Maybe, nobody knows your struggle. The struggle often is left unsaid, for one reason or another. So many suffer in silence. It isn’t planned that way (for some, it might be). It’s just how it ends up going.

  • Acknowledge how you feel and the situation you are in. Living in denial and trying to cover up emotions is not a way to heal our wounds. They are still in full effect. Living in denial is just a tool in our arsenal.
  • Let people know how you are doing. Honestly, I am not an expert on this tip. My heart breaks of loneliness, feeling lost in a sea of folks… Yet, I say nothing. Wanna know why? When I share, I am immune to no response. Just silence. I don’t need the extra silence. People don’t mean to respond that way. I acknowledge it doesn’t mean they don’t care. If others aren’t invested in your life, find someone who is. And if you start reminding yourself you have nobody, remind yourself that you have Jesus.

King of Kings.
Source of all comfort.


The God who sees us.

Creator and Sustainer.


  • Get in the Word of God and cry out to Jesus. He knows us on the most intimate level, and is not surprised when something happens to us. He knows us. He loves us. He cares, deeply, and isn’t afraid to say or show it. Spend some time alone with the Lord, just being real about it.

    One of the first steps to take is acknowledge before God how we are honestly doing. Bring it before His throne. It is then that healing begins. It may not be instantly, but the cleanse begins.

  • Meditate on the truth that He is always there. Lately, I have been at a crossroad. Will I realize Jesus is my biggest supporter? Let Him fill that aching gap in your spirit.

May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion (Psalm 20:2, NIV).

  • Focus on what you know is true. What does God’s Word teach you, personally? What comes to mind? Keep reminding yourself of those things. I put together this list – just to keep me which I am overwhelmed and struggling. It may not be physically, but emotionally or spiritually. It is my go-to-youtube-playlist.
  • Lastly, let’s talk triggers briefly (I know, right? Briefly?!). If you have certain things that set out a keen awareness of lacking support, see if you really need that thing in your life. 10 days ago, I let go of my “main” facebook account. Best thing I could have done! It caused me more harm than good. I can peek on my “main” facebook under my alias, but so far nothing noteworthy. People have my email address (0 messages, thank you).

But, seriously… we need to consider if that trigger is actually worth it.

“Is it going to build me up in my walk with Christ?”

Truly, will __________ (insert trigger of sadness, here) build me up in my walk with Jesus? 90% of things, we can safely answer as a “no”. As always, pray about it first, and seek Him in the Word!

Together, let’s seek Him and conquer the obstacles we face.

“[I]n all these things [whatever hardship we face] we are more than conquerors through him who loved us (Romans 8:39, NIV).”


By Gracefully Overcoming

Gracefully Overcoming is my corner of the web to share my journey with chronic and mental illness, , and how Jesus keeps reminding me who I am in Him. I can always be found at:

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Definitely one of the hardest parts. Especially on the days when your body is struggling, and you need to talk it out… only…. um yeah, that part doesn’t really go abundantly well when God made us social creatures.. Just a small aspect of the loneliness though. <3 If you go to my youtube profile, there are two playlists. I forgot about the other one. I have one called "Hold to What You Know" and the other "Courageous Living." Every now and then, certain songs are played more often than others. I need to make a new playlist actually. I keep putting Casting Crown's new one – "Just Be Held" on repeat. <3

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